10.0 0.1 Piso Wi-Fi

10.0 0.1 Piso Wi-Fi

What is 10.0 0.1 IP address?

10.0 0.1 is the special IP address which is used by the manufacturing companies of the routers. It is very special because it can be used more than one or two times. This IP address is part of the first class of private IP addresses and one can have access to its login page through the control panel of 10.0 0.1 just like one can access to the control panel of any other private IP address.

What is Piso Wi-Fi means?

Piso Wi-Fi is the founded in 2017 and it’s the biggest internet service in the Philippines. Piso Wi-Fi is the internet providing service to people at very low cost. It was basically coin based system so people even the non-technical people can also have access to internet without any problems and also for those who cannot afford packages to access the internet.

Pisonet was set up in 2011 in Philippines and it was turned into Piso Wi-Fi in 2017. Pisonet can be assumed as one peso internet means one can rent internet for one peso. This service was originally based on coin system, one can use internet by using coins in vending machine. User can use control portal of the Piso Wi-Fi or 10.0 0.1 se default gateway of router.

Devices which can use internet provided by Piso Wi-Fi:

 Any device enable to internet can use the 10.0 0.1 Piso Wi-Fi.

  • Laptops (windows & iOS)
  • Tablets
  • Smartphone (any Android or iOS)

How can one have the access to the router?

To have the access to the router one must login into the control panel of the router. To login into the control panel one need the IP address like 10.0 .0.1. There are following steps to login into the control panel:

  • Open any of these browsers Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera etc.
  • Then in URL bar type the https:// 10.0 0.1 and browser will open the page.
  • Then login page will be there on one’s  screen.
  • Then they ask to fill the form with the Username and password.
  • One have to fill the form by default username and password if haven’t change password before.
  • After filling click on the log in button down there.
  • Then the router or the Piso Wi-Fi control penal will be open.

After getting the access to the control panel one can make a lot of changes in the Wi-Fi setting, LAN (local area network) and WAN (wide area network) setting and the can change default username or password to any name or password they want.

One should compulsorily change their username and the password when they first time visit the control panel. It will secure their Wi-Fi network and not allow anyone to log in to their Wi-Fi network and interfere in their internet services. This will also safe your private data from others (like passwords or credit card numbers)

Benefits for using Piso Wi-Fi:

  • This one is very convenient source of internet for the people who cannot spare their income on the internet bills
  • The portal is so perfectly built and it is very easy to use that anyone can use it even the people with very less knowledge of internet can use portal, as user does not have to go through any lengthy procedures.
  • Its low cost internet services are very helpful for the telecom corporations to earn profit.
  • The IP address 10.0 0.1 is very appropriate for users because one can use it more than one time
  • One can change the password on the portal anywhere anytime according to their convenience.
  • One can adjust the bandwidth, number of users and the time rate of Piso Wi-Fi.
  • One can also limit the websites which are inappropriate according to them. They can block the access to them.
  • The security gateway of the router connects with Piso Wi-Fi is WPA/WPA2 which is the best security it protect one from many attackers.

Application for Piso Wi-Fi:

The software of the Piso Wi-Fi is also developed and it is also very useful as;

  • One can change Wi-Fi setting by using portal on the application.
  • One can pay the bills for their internet services online.
  • The costumer services are very handy.

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Why choose 10.0 0.1 Piso Wi-Fi:


Piso Wi-Fi is the private internet service network. While when someone use the public internet Wi-Fi network they are bombarded with the ads based on one’s search, by showing you the ads of your interest to make money. 10.0 0.1 is the Private IP address which do not any of the useless ads.


Piso Wi-Fi protects your data at any condition. It does not sell your data to any advertisement companies for the profit. The people who use the public Wi-Fi network they are always on the edge on security risk no one knows when and how their confidential data is going to leak.

Low speed of the internet:

A lot of people use the public network at the same time which makes the speed of the internet very low that one would be frustrated to use the internet. While using the Private Internet service 10.0 0.1 one can adjust the bandwidth and the number of the user so the speed on the internet will be good and they would have no problem to enjoy the internet services.

Problems to access the router’s control panel:

One can face different problems in operating their control panel:

  • When too much time is taken to log in to the panel. There would be some reasons. Try different IP address or check the technical issues, may be wire or the device have some problem.
  • Sometimes people use incorrect IP address, they use cominstead of http// which lead to error or they get confuse with ‘0’ and ‘O’ or the use So before try to log in one must check the correct IP address.
  • Sometime the caches and cookies are the reason of the problems of slow internet try to remove them.
  • If after checking all the details still you are facing problems then you should try to reset your router by pressing the reset button on the back side of the router for 15 to 30 seconds.  Then try to reconnect to your network after some time instead of rapidly reconnecting to the network. Reset should be your last option in case of any issue because all the data of the router will be deleted as reset is different to the restart .

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question 1: What is IP address mean?

Answer: An IP address is the unique string of numerical labels separated by periods to identify a device on the internet. 10.0 0.1 is one of the example of the IP addresses. The main functions of the IP address are to identify the network interface and to address the location of devices using internet.

Question 2: How to login into the 10.0 0.1?

Answer: Open any browser. Type http//10.0 0.1 .It will lead you to login page. Enter username and password in the form then click on the login button. Then control panel will show up.

The default username and password for any router is admin.

Question 3: Why can’t I login to my control panel?

Answer: There could be some reasons for your device to not have access to your control panel. Such as may be you are typing the incorrect IP addresses on the URL bar. Or there can be some technical problems in the wire or router you are using. Check these details and try to log in again.

Question 4: What is the reason for the Piso Wi-Fi launch?

Answer: Pisonet was launched in 2011 and it was changed into the Piso Wi-Fi in 2017 and it was the time when it gains massive popularity in the country. The main purpose of the Piso Wi-Fi is to provide the internet to the 60% of the poor people in the remote areas of Philippines who cannot afford the highly priced package of the internet.


Today the world has reached to a remarkable level of development in technology and internet had played its exceptional role in this success very well. So it is necessary to have a good internet connection in the global village. Every business either it is small or large has its website on the internet you visit just like this one. So one should have internet they can afford, secure and have a good speed only then they can catch the world.

10.0 0.1 Piso Wi-Fi is the one that can provide all the services to you at very low cost nearly free. It does not sell you data to earn money from advertisement companies. It makes your data safe from any of the crackers. And also give you the access to the control panel son you can make changes in your Wi-i setting by yourself according to your will. Its allows you to change the password for your router.

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