10 Best Expert Tips For Selling A House With Tenants in Denver Colorado In Denver Colorado


Do you own a rental property With Tenants in Denver Colorado in it? So did I!

And I had questions about whether I could sell my rental with the tenants in it. Now this is not an article about me complaining about being a landlord o having crappy tenants (although we can probably all tell a few stories, right?) Instead, this article is the 100’s of hours of research I did online and all the information I gathered from real estate authorities like:

  1. Real estate attorneys
  2. Other landlords and mentors
  3. Even the local city agencies (I’m in Denver, CO). 

So if you are a landlord and are thinking of selling a house With Tenants in Denver Colorado I sincerely believe this article will have some gems for you. But if nothing else remember this one rule…

What does your lease say about selling the rental house with a tenant? 

You’re Selling A Rental House With Tenants in Denver Colorado – Congrats!

If you have decided that it’s time to sell your tenanted property, you should be aware that the process is hardly ever easy. Tenants often feel understandably anxious about the process and have to find another place to stay. However, there are certain steps you may take as a landlord to streamline this difficult process.

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Does that sound to good to be true?

“I want to sell my house fast in Denver, Colorado so tell me what I need to do?

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Ten expert tips for selling a house With Tenants in Denver Colorado include following your lease agreement, communicating with your tenants, and incentivizing uncooperative renters. You can also market your home With Tenants in Denver Colorado to real estate investors and choose a company specializing in marketing tenanted properties.

I have had some nightmare tenants in the past, and each bad experience taught me the crucial steps to follow when dealing with this tricky situation. If you plan to sell your house With Tenants in Denver Colorado still living on the property, here are ten of the best expert tips to ensure you sell your home without hassles. 

Can I Sell a Rental Property With Tenants in Denver Colorado in It?

There are advantages to keeping a tenant in your home during the selling process. A vacant home is ready and easy to access, but vacant properties don’t provide rent. Having a tenanted property may work in your favor to maintain an income on your property during the selling process.

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Do I Have To Give a Tenant Notice When Selling a Rental House?

You do not have to give your tenant notice when selling a rental house, but if you choose to, you should follow the state laws of your area. For example, Colorado has a law that a landlord needs to give written notice to the tenant to move out, allowing 21 days for the tenant to vacate and specifying when the tenancy will end.

What Does the Lease Say?

In order to proceed with the sale of your property With Tenants in Denver Colorado, you need to know all the ins and outs of your lease agreement. Pay particular attention to the sales provision clause and the entry notification for showing. Also, ensure that you follow the notice of property sold, as this will determine your rights in terms of the sale. 

Does My Lease Trump the Colorado Laws/What if My Lease Says Something Else?

Your lease will not trump Colorado Laws even if your lease says something else. In general, a tenant cannot waive certain rights bestowed on them by state law. Neither can the landlord uphold conditions contrary to state landlord/tenant law. 

Talk to the Tenants

Having respect and empathy for your tents goes a long way in helping you market and sell your property. Discuss the impending sale and allow the tenants to communicate their potential concerns. 

Allow your chosen realtor to also communicate with the tenants early on in the process and explain exactly how the selling process will affect their lives. If your tents feel valued and included in the process of the sale of your property, they will be less inclined to act out or interfere with the selling process.

Communication is vital when approaching long-term tenants with a lease of your property. You could create an incentive to encourage them to waive their contractual rights, such as a monetary reward. Often landlords find success when the tenants feel that they are also getting something out of the deal.

If your tenant is cooperative and keeps the home neat and tidy for viewing, offer them a notice period that is longer than the one merely required by law. By making these gestures, you will improve the relationship with the tenants, who will likely be more disposed to help you in the selling process. 

How To Sell My House With Tenants in Denver Colorado

If your tenants are renting on a month-to-month basis, you can give them a month’s notice to vacate the property if you so choose. However, be careful of rent-controlled areas, and ensure that your local laws allow for the legal termination of a tenant’s contract due to selling the property. 

If your renters do not provide ease of access and the home’s condition is not in a showing state, you should give your tenant notice. If your tenant doesn’t budge on a long-term lease, be prepared to wait for the tenancy to end and only then put your property on the market. 

Once they vacate, you can clean the property and stage the home so that buyers will view the property at its best. At worst, you may start the eviction process if tenants are unwilling to leave your property after due notice. 

Who Will Buy My House With Tenants in Denver Colorado in It?

Although the buyer’s pool will be smaller when selling your home With Tenants in Denver Colorado, there are still certain avenues you may pursue. You may attract the attention of real estate investors who often seek tenanted properties as investments. You could then sell your rental property as is without the fuss of giving your tenants notice. 

Alternatively, you may attract the interest of buyers who seek a property as an investment or to increase their rental portfolio. In these cases, the fact that your property is tenanted is an advantage, 

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What if I Have Difficult Tenants?

If your tenant won’t budge on a longer-term lease or is challenging to deal with, and you want to sell your property without waiting out the lease terms, you still have options. Beyond following the terms of your lease and eviction, you may explore other avenues if your tenants are in contravention of your lease.

You Can Incentivize Your Tenants 

For example, you could offer to pay for a bi-weekly cleaning and landscaping service to improve the quality of the tenanted property. Or offer the tenant a rent rebate on the closing of the sale in return for 24 hr notice viewings with the home in a clean and attractive state. 

Offering a 50% rental rebate at the sale’s closing ensures that they will be motivated for the sale. Often landlords who reduce rent while in the process of selling the house are caught out. This problem happens because the tents are not necessarily motivated to help sell the property if they live with low rent in their chosen house. 

A great incentive is to offer the tenant a month or two free rental while they prepare themselves to find another place to live. Not only will this allay their fears of being given short notice, but it will motivate them to show your house at its sparkling clean best for prospective buyers.

Pay Attention To Ease of Access

An excellent way to get the lie of the land in terms of your tenant’s attitude to allowing access to your property is to schedule a tour yourself. If your tenant is uncooperative and does not offer you timeous access, it’s a fair sign that the tenant would not be amenable to your property being on show. 

Pay Attention to The Condition of Your Tenanted Property

If you schedule a visit to your property With Tenants in Denver Colorado, pay attention to the home’s condition. If the tenant makes an effort to clean the home for your viewing, it’s a fair sign that they will do so for potential buyers when your house is on show. 

Advantage of Selling House for Cash With Tenants in Denver Colorado in It

Selling your home for cash while it is tenanted has several advantages, which include the following:

  • You do not have to go through the process of giving your tenants notice. Often landlords meet resistance from tenants who do not wish to leave or are resistant to the sale of the property. When the tenants are allowed to remain through an ownership change, they may be more inclined to be helpful and accommodating.
  • You will continue to receive a rental income until the closing of the sale. Vacancy houses may be easy to show, but you are short of the income generated by tenants until your property is sold.
  •  You may sell your home as is without costly cleaning and repairs. To stage your house and make it show-ready can cost a pretty penny. Selling a tenanted house eliminates this necessity.
  • Your tenants are more likely to cooperate in the sale. If your tenants know that the new owner will honor their lease, they will be motivated to keep the property in showing state and accept visits from potential buyers.

Closing Thoughts

Ultimately. Treating your tenants with respect and empathy will go a long way in getting them on the same page regarding your property sale. Incentivizing your tenants instead of working against them will encourage them to help you rather than hinder your property sale. After all, they have rights too, and they deserve a bit extra for their trouble!


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