10 best types of dates in Saudi Arabia

10 best types of dates in Saudi Arabia

Worldwide there are more than 1000 types of dates found but one of the best dates are considered  those which are from Saudi Arabia . They are known for their best variety and quality with amazing benefits so far . They have numerous health benefits along with good taste. There are many types of dates available in the market.

  • Kholas Dates- These dates are one the bestest dates because of its quality and flavour that is caramel flavour. It is usually seen that it is consumed with coffee and having sticky and good texture. Mainly originated from the region of kharj of Saudi Arabia.
  • Medjool Dates- They are oval or large in shape with good texture, consideredas a queen of dates with strong and good flavour and alot of sweetness. They are the most expensive kind of dates which are rich in fibres and minerals. Due to high amount of sweetness in this diabetic patients should have to take care if they are consuming
  • Zahidi Dates- They are also of oval shape with not much blackish brownish colour but they are of golden colour . Because of its extremely soft texture and low amount of sugar presence it is known as a butter date. These dates are also rich in fibres.
  • Sukkari Dates- They are found in al quaseen region of Saudi Arabia . They are extremely sweet with the crisp texture. But very beneficial is so many diseases helps to boosting immune system , makes you alert, prevent tooth decay good in lowering the cholesterol . Diabetic patients should have to take care because of its sweetness
  • Khudri Dates- They are darkbrown with a dry and crispy texture . As it consists of a lot of sugar, it should be consumed by diabetic patients regularly . It’s price is not very much high and due to this these dates are exported in large amount
  • Saghai Dates- They are of yellow golden colour having dry and crisp texture mainly found in the Riyadh region with very mind sweetness.  There are many benefits of saudi datesthat can help you to gain your immunity.
  • Barhi Dates- Barhi is an Arabic word which means the strong wind or hot wind. These dates are of yellow colour with crunchiness and when ripecaramel flavour is observed   they are one of the most expensive kind of date and found in regions of Basra. They are rich in fiber, vitamins , minerals and antioxidants
  • Safawi Dates- These dates are of dark colour blackish in colour . These dates are softand may be available in dry and semi dry form . These dates are mainly cultivated in regions of madina and having great healing properties
  • Amber Dates- These are one of the best and favourite datesof date. This date is of black colour and rich in protein but they are one of the most expensive kind of dates
  • Ajwa dates- T
  • hese are bestest type of dates with soft texture and sweettaste with numerous health benefits and they are rich in fibres , vitamins. Iron , minerals and antioxidants


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