10 common skincare tips to maintain glowy skin

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To manage your skin properly is quite a daunting task. The Internet is flooded with innumerable skincare tips along with miracle cures that guarantee to resolve your issues. If by luck, you can find a product which fulfils your needs and is effective for your skin then it’s a good thing.

Since it’s not an easy task to find a suitable product that would ensure the glowy condition of your skin. Moreover, it’s important to consult your dermatologist before applying any of the random tips and tricks. Although this option gets eliminated for those who are not willing to spend their time or money on such things.

To lessen your confusion below are some of the common skincare tips to enhance your complexion:-

#1. Using sunscreen before stepping outdoors

It has become very important to apply sunscreen before stepping out of your home. Since it is considered to be the closest thing for maintaining your skin complexion.

A chemical peel is a popularly applied skin-resurfacing process. There are three types of chemical peel which is chosen according to the type of issues which you are dealing with:-

  • Light chemical peel
  • Medium chemical peel
  • Deep chemical peel

A smooth chemical solution for removal of top layers is applied on the skin in a chemical peel procedure. This facilitates the smoother growth of the skin. If you are opting for either a light or medium peel, you might have to undergo the procedure twice to experience the desired results.

While it’s necessary to protect the skin of infants from UV rays, as per AAD it is recommended to only apply sunscreen to children who are older than 6 months.

#2. Avoid smoking

Smoking fuels speedy skin ageing. If you smoke, your wounds might take a longer time to recover. According to research, smoking has a negative impact on a few skin diseases such as hidradenitis suppurativa and psoriasis.

You should get your skin checked for skin cancer. Skin related self-assessment helps in finding symptoms of skin cancer at an earlier stage so it becomes easy to treat the disease. If a spot comes into your notice which is quite different from others, or if it bleeds or itches then you should immediately consult your dermatologist.

#3. Avoid taking too much stress

Finding a few healthier ways to manage your stress would have a positive impact on your skin. Few diseases such as atopic dermatitis and psoriasis are often experienced when a person is excessively stressed. Stress maximize the chance of certain skin conditions such as rosacea, eczema and acne.

#4. Use a self-tanner regularly

A tanned skin promotes premature ageing of your skin. Moreover, you become prone to experiencing skin cancer. To eliminate such risks, it is recommended to use a self-tanner where you can easily get your desired look without any kind of risks. It’s very important to protect your skin from the sun if you want to keep it healthy and use a self-tanner.

#5. Make sure to use skincare products that match your skin requirements

The first and foremost factor before purchasing any skincare product is to be aware that your skin is oily, sensitive, dry, combination or normal. Whether you have an allergy to any chemicals. Accordingly, after considering such factors, you should buy a particular skin product. Using products that are formulated as per your skin’s requirements would make your skin look the best.

#6. Refrain from applying the scrub to clean your skin

If you have been sweating excessively or have an intense acne breakout, it might appear natural to apply the scrub on your skin. Dermatologist suggests avoiding scrub since it might irritate your skin which might make the condition of your skin worse including acne.

#7. Exercise regularly

One of the primary features of the skin is the regulation of heat, during working out the dilation of the blood vessels takes place for bringing warmer blood to the surface which would allow transferring the heat out of your body into the air. This can increase the glow of your skin.

Boosting the flow of your blood would ensure that your skin is receiving proper nutrients and oxygen which is required to be healthy. Make sure to start your days with healthy exercises, cycling or skipping.

#8. Keep your skin hydrated

One of the most common skincare mistakes is taking a lot of time after cleansing your skin to apply a moisturizer. Whether it’s a lotion for the body or your face, you have a limited time to apply a hydrating product after you are done cleansing before moisture starts evaporating from your skin. If your skin is dried completely, the water present on your skin along with moisture would slowly evaporate into the air.

#9. Washing your face gently

Cleansing your skin gently helps your skin to remain healthier and at its best. To cleanse your face gently, wet your skin with the help of lukewarm water. Start applying a very mild cleanser, apply your cleaner with your fingertips in a circular motion. Avoid rubbing your skin harshly. After finishing, rinse your skin with a cleanser and pat your face gently with a clean and dry towel.

#10. Consult a certified dermatologist if you are unsure about the condition of your skin

When it comes to knowing anything about the condition of your skin, dermatologists are considered to be the ultimate experts whose advice you can follow without any issue and second thought. These doctors are known for diagnosing as well as treating umpteenth different types of skin diseases. They also possess the necessary expertise to guide people safely if they are suffering from any serious condition by suggesting means to recover from it.


Taking care of your skin isn’t as easy as it sounds. You are not supposed to apply any tips which you have read online before ensuring if it’s safe for your skin type.

Talking about a minimal approach in a beauty routine or following any type of makeup or skincare advice, one of the facts which remains common and universal is that everyone wants to be familiar with the best practices to healthy glowing skin.

While some of the basic practices include drinking an abundant amount of water, avoiding toxic chemicals which might impact your skin negatively and so on. By following some of the basic skincare tips you can maintain the healthy quotient of your skin.

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