3 Reasons Why Escape Rooms Are Good For Family Bonding


Families are looking for ways to get together and do something fun and exciting that engages and interests all members of the family, despite their hectic schedules and various possibilities for fun and entertainment.

They’re also seeking ways to do so that aren’t as expensive as traditional board games or watching games on TV, especially during the holiday season, when everyone is busy and stressed from all the shopping, parties, decorating, and other holiday events.

That’s where escape rooms, which contain exciting escape games and are one of the newest entertainment trends, come in. With their unique twists and turns, escape rooms are a natural extension of the conventional family game night.


Families can exercise their wits and abilities in unusual — and enjoyable and thrilling — ways by participating in escape rooms. The following are three reasons why escape rooms are good for family bonding.

Eyes Off the Screen

These games require an hour of concentration, so no one will be swiping through their phones or texting as they would during a home activity.

Not only do some venues ask that phones be turned off or are not allowed in the room at all, but there is simply too much going on for your family members to bring their phones out.

Everyone will be too preoccupied to check their phones as they strive to uncover the next clue, figure out where it goes, and solve riddles within the time limit.

Escape Rooms Allow Families to Talk With Each Other

Families need to collaborate in order to solve the mystery within the time limit of one hour. They also need to share their ideas, clues, and solutions with one another, which requires them to speak with one another.

The opportunity for parents to show their children that they pay attention to them and value what they have to say is another benefit of escape rooms.

Everyone can get involved

All ages can enjoy escape rooms, from children to great-great-grandparents. With so many riddles to complete, hidden objects to discover, and locks to open, there is a great deal to keep everyone occupied.

The majority of escape rooms will feature a variety of puzzle types, allowing everyone to demonstrate their problem-solving abilities. Kids, in particular, can be unexpectedly competent, as they tend not to overthink or overlook easy solutions.

Even if you feel that you won’t be able to contribute much, or if you’re only there for moral support, you are likely to notice something that others have missed.

In Conclusion

A visit to an escape room is an entertaining way to leave the house. The majority of rooms will take an hour to solve, making it the ideal activity for a day out and about. You can search for things to do in downtown Chicago if you are in the Chicago area, as escape rooms are popular there. Whether your escape room mission is part of a day trip or a high-adrenaline method to work up an appetite before dinner, it is a guaranteed way to create a memorable family bonding experience.

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