4 Types of Tinted Windows to Get For Your Office

Your Office

Corporate officers usually use transparent windows and glass doors to keep the space open and give the perception of a wider space. Sometimes, the transparency of these windows compromises the privacy in that particular workspace or office needs.

For instance, if there is a meeting regarding the designs of a particular project, the transparent windows will make it difficult to keep the designs confidential. For such privacy concerns, many corporate buildings get their windows treated with special tints to keep security and privacy in check. 

Black Tinted Windows

The black tint is very commonly used in cars of celebrities and famous business personalities to keep their privacy intact. The same treatment can also be used on the transparent windows of your office. It is just as simple as calling your Residential Window Tinting Solutions and booking an appointment with them. 

You can use their services to give your windows a professional treatment. If you are running tight on budget, you can also go for tinted window sheets to cover your windows. The sheets are relatively cheaper than the treatment, but they may not last as long as the treatments. 

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Matt Finish Sheets

Sometimes, the windows of the office and other glass surfaces are in perfect harmony with the overall aesthetics of the workspace. In this case, using black tints can negatively impact the interior design of your office. To solve this problem, you can dive into the transparent but matt window treatments for your windows. 

They add a matt layer to your windows which disables the see-through character of your windows. You can not see past those matt windows; moreover, they fit very well with any aesthetics because they have a neutral finish to them. 

Tint-Treated Windows

Besides sheets, you can use special treatments for your windows to mix colorful tints in them. This process can be done without help from a professional. There is a huge difference between window sheets and specially treated windows. If you’re looking for some window treatment ideas, here’s a five-minute read to guide you through. 

The tint-treated windows are the windows that have brown, black or any color mixed in them by default. They are made especially on order by the manufacturers of the windows. Their installation is relatively difficult compared to that of window sheets. 

Digitally Designed Window Sheets

Window sheets also come in digitally designed customised designs. You can design special sheets to cover your windows. The design can have motivational typography, the logo and brand identity of your brand or any solid color of your choice to match the interior design of your workspace. 

These sheets come in sticker forms and are placed on the windows afterward. The size of the windows is first given to the manufacturers of these sheets to match the dimensions. You can get the design made by your private graphic designer or by the same printing or window treatment company that manufactures your sheet.

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