5 Facts You Need To Know About Mob Boss Strain


One of the best things about marijuana is the availability of different strains to suit varying individual preferences. Mob Boss is one of the few popular marijuana strains known for its high potency. With a THC content of more than 20 %, Mob Boss is undoubtedly one of the best strains if you want to get high with an instant and heavy punch. 

The strain is a hybrid version of Indica and Sativa, resulting from crossing two potent strains: Chemdawg and Tang Tang. This gives it an incredibly high potency with a slightly higher Sativa concentration. Though mostly revered for its awakening jolt and super energy bust, Mob Boss strain also provides health benefits to your body.

Understanding the Mob Boss Strain

Unlike most marijuana strains, the Mob Boss strain is not naturally occurring. The strain was first developed in 2009 by GrindHouse Medical Seeds in California. Since then, it has gained strong popularity beyond the US borders and in the overall marijuana market.

The strain carries two phenotypes with varying levels of potency and effects. However, this doesn’t make it any lesser than popular strains like Jack Herer and OG Kush. If anything, it’s one of the best for strong potency and high levels of resin production. 

Besides, Mob Boss provides irrefutable benefits against appetite loss, mood disturbances, and insomnia. This places it among the best cannabis strains for medical prescriptions. Here are five more facts you need to know about Mob Boss strain.

  • It’s Partly Popular Due to its Parentage

Mob Boss’ popularity in the marijuana market is strongly influenced by its parentage. Chemdawg, one of two strains from which Mob Boss is sourced, has a strong prominence among marijuana users. The Chemdawg strain provides a balanced effect due to its hybrid version. However, it leans more towards the Sativa side and is primarily known for its strong gasoline taste and aroma. 

There’s also Tang Tang, the other half of the Mob Boss strain known for extremely high effects on the body. Tang strain has a similar gene composition to Chemdawg with a much higher Sativa concentration. It’s this heavy-handed Sativa that delivers untapped energy to give Mob Boss its heavy punch through the body.

  • You Can Grow it Anywhere.

With the heightened talk about marijuana’s potential health benefits, more people are keen to cultivate and grow the plant for themselves. There are different strains to try; however, you won’t be lucky with all of them due to their specific growth requirements. You’ll be pleased to know that the Mob Boss is among the few strains that thrive both indoors and outdoors.

Though basic marijuana cultivation skills are a must, there’s nothing complicated on how to grow the Mob Boss strain. The only key requirement is the Mediterranean climate and not exposing the plants to temperatures below 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Usually, the stems grow up to four feet tall with a high yield of more than 25 ounces per plant. The plants are also known for their dense buds and red hair when ready for harvesting.

  • It Has an Instant Effect

Mob Boss cannabis strain lends its effects almost instantly after being taken. Its fast-acting properties make it a perfect solution for quick fixes against chronic pain, depression, anxiety, and appetite challenges. The strain’s vigor hits through your system, taking charge of your mind to deliver heightened sensitivity and a high level of creativity.

This happens even as you enjoy a flavorful experience characterized by blends of citrus and gasoline. Unlike most cannabis strains, you can virtually enjoy Mob Boss strain any time of the day since it delivers euphoric effects with a gentle, relaxed body high. The strain’s hard-hitting results leave a lasting impact, making it a great choice if you’re a true weed enthusiast. You can buy Pounds of weed in a reasonable price here.

  • Distinct Aroma, Flavor, and Taste

The Mob Boss strain has a distinct floral scent with an added hint of citrus. Once you light it up and start using it, you’ll be treated to a pleasant lemon aroma. This aroma is most associated with the Tang Tang strain, one of its parent strains.

The strain also boasts an exceptionally nice and sour flavorful taste of citrus and wood. Its smoke is harsh, especially if you’re a newbie and tasting it for the first time. You can enjoy it in a bong like other strains or wrap it up into a blunt. However, vaporization is the most recommended method of consuming Mob Boss strain.

  • It Has Minimum Adverse Effects

Though it’s highly potent, Mob Boss Strain doesn’t exhibit the adverse effects of most marijuana strains. However, using it more than your tolerance level could expose you to cottonmouth feeling, dry eyes, and anxiety in some cases. These are all manageable effects if you stick to a low dose and gradually increase your tolerance level. 

Keep in mind the side effects of marijuana vary between people. There’s also a difference in effects if you’re a beginner and an experienced stoner. If you are taking Mob Boss strain for the first time, take it in a smaller dose to avoid too much effect on the body. Similarly, identify your limits and stick to them at all times.

Final Thought

Mob Boss is one of the best marijuana strains if you’re looking for a balanced hybrid with uplifting highs. Its high potency makes it the best strain for those experiencing mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, and PTSD. What’s more, it has fairly moderate effects to suit modest to heavy stoners alike.


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