5 tips How to get into photography

How to get into photography

If you are just starting to photograph, then a lot of things can seem very confusing to you. In this article, you will find five of our top tips for aspiring photographers to make even your first shots successful. Well, go ahead for vivid impressions!

Selecting settings

Even if you have an expensive Fujifilm Mirrorless camera , it’s better to start taking pictures in automatic mode. Let your camera choose all the settings, for example, shutter speed or sensitivity. This avoids the sometimes annoying search for the correct settings. But nevertheless, after a while, you should switch to the manual mode of camera settings, purely subjectively, this will make the process of taking pictures much more attractive for you.

It’s all about perspective

Beginner Tip: Pay attention to perspective

A typical mistake of those who are just starting to engage in photography is when the photographer stands in one place, not approaching the subject, but only uses the zoom. While this is handy, it is unlikely to help you create great shots.

Zoom, that is, changing the focal length of the lens, often leads to the fact that you are shooting a subject with a boring perspective. Try to kneel down – the results will speak for themselves.

To make your images really interesting, you should stick to the rule of thirds. It, in a simplified version, says that the most interesting points of the frame should always be on the border of its thirds. The most important areas of the photo are best located at the intersection of the lines of the invisible grid, as in the picture on the right.

Of course, the rules are there to be broken, but following this advice, many successful photographs have been created.

How to create good photos even at night?

Good photos … even at night

It is especially important at night to be able to hold the Point and shoot camera still. For best results, it is best to use a tripod. If you are photographing in manual mode, set the ISO to a low ISO stop. Noise will appear in the picture due to high ISO levels.

In the dark, be it in automatic or manual mode, you are unlikely to be able to capture fast-moving objects, there simply is not enough light for this. In this case, a flash will be a good helper.

How to get into Professional photography

Useful Tricks for Taking Beautiful Photos

There are many techniques for creating interesting pictures, one of them is the so-called bokeh, that is, a blurred background as in the above photo. You can achieve this using a long focal length or a dedicated lens. Zoom in or use a long focal length lens and set the focus point/points on the subject. You can easily achieve beautiful bokeh. However, when shooting with a smartphone, unfortunately, this trick cannot be applied.

Changing the aperture value or exposure can bring life to your photos: fast shutter speeds freeze motion and are therefore ideal for sports photography and other moving subjects. By opening and closing the iris, you can increase or decrease the amount of light entering the sensor. And don’t forget that the lower the f-number, the shallower the depth of field.

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Be creative and open to new ideas. In the worst case, the photos won’t quite work out and you just have to delete them. Experiment with your camera! You will be amazed at what kind of photos you can create.


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