6 best places to hang the pendant lights


Pendant lights are the best way to add style and light to any room in your home. Whether you want a rustic, industrial or modern look. Here are eight places where you can hang pendant lights in your home. There are many options when it comes to lighting up the space in your house. Since there are endless possibilities with exterior lighting fixtures, knowing what styles work for certain areas. So, it will help narrow down the search process immensely. Check out these eight ideas for hanging lighting ideas. 

If you’re considering pendant lights for your own home then it’s important to know that these stand-out lights are a trend. So, which seems set to stay for some time yet. Even if they get damaged, you can repair them from any repairer of same-day appliance repair in Atlanta before replacing them. However, it is critical to consider where to hang them to maximize their effect.

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  1. How To Hang Pendant Lights In Specific Rooms?
  2. Choosing A Spot To Hang Pendant Lights
  3. Pendant Lights In A Hallway
  4. Multi-Pendant Lights In A Hallway
  5. Lights In The Kitchen Or Dining Room
  6. Pendant Lights In A Living Room Or Lounge

How To Hang Pendant Lights In Specific Rooms?

Pendant lighting is almost always going to look amazing in a kitchen or dining room area. They provide brilliant ambient illumination. And can even be installed as part of a more complex multi-light fitting which will further enhance the overall effect. So, the perfect if you want something with a little bit more ‘wow factor’ than just one pendant light on its own. It would also be a good idea to consider hanging pendant lights on your porch. So, these can provide a great effect for parties and social occasions.

Pendant lights are certainly not limited to the rooms you might expect either. As they can be an amazing feature when hung above stairs or in hallways. They are the perfect way to give any room that little bit of extra edge. So, whether that’s through simply hanging one pendant light or using multiple fittings throughout a larger space.

Choosing A Spot To Hang Pendant Lights

It is important to think about exactly where you want Pendant lights before you start looking for them. As there are lots of different options available which will suit different spaces better than others. However, if it is a simple single pendant that you want then your only initial choice is going to be where to hang it. So, there are a couple of main options here.


Pendant Lights In A Hallway

If you have a hallway with quite high ceilings, pendant lights may well be the perfect option for illumination. As they can reach from wall to wall and cover an entire space right from one end to the other. A lot of people will use hallways as sort of extensions on rooms such as dining rooms or living areas. So, which means that fitting pendant lights in this kind of environment are going to give it that extra edge, turning what would otherwise just be a blank area into something far more exciting.

Multi-Pendant Lights In A Hallway

In a hallway with lower ceilings, it may be better to use a multi-light pendant lamp fitting. So, which reaches from ceiling to floor and spans the entire width of the room. You can choose exactly how many lights you would like for this kind of pendant, and where they will be placed, allowing you to get just the right effect for the dimensions of your hallway.

Lights In The Kitchen Or Dining Room

The best place for these kinds of pendant light fittings is going to be in a kitchen or dining room area. This way when people come in from outside they can see all the wonderful illumination through the windows before they even reach the interior adding that extra touch to a welcoming space.

Pendant Lights In A Living Room Or Lounge

These pendant light fittings are going to provide the finishing touches in a living room or lounge by lighting up all those dark corners where it is hard to see anything at all as well as adding another great feature to your overall decorating scheme. It’s also a good idea to consider pendant lights for outside spaces such as terraces and gardens, as these can be just as effective out here as they are inside – perfect if you want to add some extra illumination on those summer nights.


If you’re looking for the perfect spot to hang your pendant lights, this post will help. You can hang them in hallways and kitchens or dining rooms to make your own multi-light pendant light fittings. These tips will help find where best to hang pendant lights around your home. Also, before replacing them find any same-day appliance repair Roswell. They will try to repair your older pendant instead of replacing them. 


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