6 most popular door profiles and how to choose between them?


Indeed, your cabinet door profiles serve as the focal point in your kitchen. It is as vital as having the best countertop surface. In the same way, these door designs reflect your taste in home décor as well. Well, there are many cabinet door profiles on the market today, including customized options. However, it is entirely up to you to choose the style that suits your kitchen design and your budget. 

 While traditional door profiles are still making a mark today, contemporary styles are also a delight to watch. Be it glass doors, beadboard, or flat panel door styles. Typically, it becomes tricky to choose between these trendy door profiles. That is why you need to get hold of this blog post. Here are the six most in-demand cabinet door styles and how you can choose between them. 

Most popular cabinet door profiles:

  1. Shaker-style
  2. Glassdoor cabinets
  3. Flat-panel doors
  4. Adobe cabinet style
  5. Beadboard style doors
  6. Revere cabinet doors
  • Shaker-style:

Remember, shaker style is all about clean lines, a sophisticated profile, and an elegant finish. Yes, there is no doubt that shaker-style cabinets have ruled the market ever since they became trendy. The shaker door profile also features a square recessed panel, which is less traditional and more modern.

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Furthermore, it is the most in-demand style over time. But, shaker cabinets are versatile enough to fit into any kitchen design. Also, you are more likely to see a few variations in its current layout. Forevermark cabinets and shrock cabinets are apt to exhibit this style. 

  • Glassdoor cabinets:

Glassdoor cabinets are the second most in-demand cabinet style till today. This door profile is the best way to be traditional as well as modern. In general, this door design works for those who wish to display their chinaware and glass collection. Moreover, you can create a minimalist kitchen with its clean lines and glass part.

 In addition, this style looks ethereal and spacious in dark or small cooking spaces. This kitchen design tends to enhance the visual interest of your kitchen with its reflecting glass door. 

  • Flat-panel doors:

Also known as slab doors, flat panels are the most contemporary cabinet door profile. They are catchy and adaptable to wood and laminate door finishes. Moreover, this style is the easiest to design, handle, and clean in busy homes. This door profile is demanding for its durability, affordability, and elegance. In addition, you can enhance this simple style with stylish hardware and a laminate finish.

  • Adobe cabinet style:

If you want to be traditional with a touch of modern styles, Adobe cabinet doors are the best choice for you. This door profile features a slight variation from shaker-style cabinets. Its recessed panel has more details than typical shaker cabinets. Furthermore, these doors have outside edging rather than inward. If you are up to having a classic kitchen design, Adobe cabinets are perfect for you. 

  • Beadboard-style doors:

As far as kitchen trends are concerned, cottage-style cabinets have been in fashion for a long time now. People are more leaning towards rustic charm in their cooking spaces. Keeping that in mind, a beadboard-style door profile is the best one to achieve that look. Moreover, these vertical planks look stunning in white farmhouse kitchens with butcher blocks. It’s all about style, depth, and sturdiness these days.

  • Revere cabinet doors:

Revere cabinet doors are a twist on the historic design. They have a raised panel in the middle, but it has a slightly different detail. Even from a distance, the slight change in elaboration makes these cabinet doors appear notable and eye-catching. So, make a statement in your kitchen with these stunning shrock cabinets.

How to choose from popular cabinet door styles?

Well, knowing what’s trending is no big deal. The main thing is to choose the right door profile that looks perfect in your cooking space. Kitchen cabinets are the focal point of your kitchen, so you need to choose between these popular door designs carefully. So, take a moment and consider the factors below:

  • First, consider your kitchen layout, style, and theme.
  • Choose between traditional, classical, elegant, modern, or minimalist cabinets style.
  • Browse cabinet options and compare the prices to pick that comes in your budget.
  • Also, choose between framed or frameless construction.
  • Pick full over-lay or standard over-lay style.
  • Go for in-stock, semi-custom- or custom cabinets.
  • Lastly, if nothing seems to impress you, opt for a customized cabinet door profile.


Your cabinet door profile is the signature of your kitchen space. Any door style can fit as long as it is worth the construction and price. So, get to know these six door styles for your kitchen. For a sophisticated look, go for shaker-style cabinets, glass doors, or flat panels. Or choose beadboard or Adobe cabinets for the rustic outlook. Otherwise, look for customized details that fit into your budget.  



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