6 Wearable Promotional Gifts that are Perfect for Customers in 2023


Wearable promotional gifts have been a staple of many successful promotional marketing campaigns for years. In 2023, you need to understand what clothing and accessories are keeping people excited, so that you can use wearable promo merch to boost your brand’s visibility and your company’s sales. Knowing what type of options are out there for you to consider is the first step, so here are six wearable promotional gifts that are perfect for customers in 2023:

1. Trucker Hats

Trucker hats are quickly becoming fashionable again, due to celebrity influence, and their fun, outgoing flair. If you want to show your customers that you’re fashion-forward, you need to invest in a bulk order of trucker hats with your brand slapped onto them. This will allow your customers to join in on the trend, while simultaneously helping your business become more well-known within the community where you’re working. The cooler the trucker hat looks, the more customers you’ll be able to convince to wear it out of the house.

2. Drawstring Backpacks

People love wearables that provide them with both style and convenience. With branded drawstring backpacks as promo gifts, you can easily achieve this all-important mixture with your next campaign. They are simple to use and can hold a surprising amount of stuff, so they’re great for a wide range of demographics. Drawstring backpacks are becoming particularly popular among people younger than 30, so if that is your target demographic, you can rest assured that branded drawstring backpacks can be used to heighten the reach of your brand visibility in 2023 (and beyond).

3. Bandanas

The right use of a bandana with an outfit has the potential to make someone look as suave as a movie star. While not the easiest item to pull off, style-conscious customers will be thrilled to try out a free bandana with one of their favorite outfits. Since this is a more complex fashion accessory, however, it’s best used as promo gifts for companies that are accustomed to serving stylish, fashionable customers. Additionally, you’ll want to carefully design the promo bandanas to feature your brand in a prominent, yet eye-catching fashion. Understanding how bandanas are used within modern outfits can help you achieve this important effect.

4. Flip-Flops

There are a lot of different types of footwear you can use to promote your brand during a marketing campaign. When you want to provide footwear that’s quality, but easy to afford in bulk, flip-flops are often your best choice. While the summer months are still a bit far away, it’s never too early to begin planning one of your promotional marketing campaigns for 2023. The more plans you put together ahead of their expected launch window, the better. This will ensure you can try out many different promotional gifts throughout the year, and determine the ones that will be worth giving out again down the line. If you need help designing a promo gift, hiring a marketing consultant can be incredibly useful.

5. Scarfs

If you want to provide your customers with a wearable promo item that will help them stay comfortable and stylish right now, you need to consider investing in branded scarfs. Although they can be a bit more expensive than many other items on this list, they are also incredibly classy, and have the potential to show your customers that you truly care about their business. If you’re looking for a campaign gift to give out more exclusively (say, to your top-tier customers), scarfs are a fantastic option to consider. This is another item that can be tricky to brand in a stylish fashion, but with the right effort, you’ll find a layout that works.

6. Gym Shorts

Does your target customer base love to play sports, stay fit, or spend time outside? If so, you should consider investing in a wearable promotional gift that will be both versatile and highly valuable. Quality branded gym shorts are one of the best options when trying to achieve this goal. You can easily brand them, and anyone they are working out with, or playing sports with, will begin to notice your brand. Before long, they’ll be asking your now-loyal customer about this cool new brand they’re rocking.

Wearables Show Customers that You Care

By giving out high-quality wearable merch to your customers, you not only show them that you care about their business but about their fashion tastes as well. With the right luck, effort, and determination, you can design a wearable promo item that will be seen around the community where you’re doing business. If you avoid poor design, cheap materials, or ordering too few promo items, you’ll be running a successful campaign soon.

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