8 ways to get more donations for your nonprofit

ways to get more donations for your nonprofit

Fundraising has been of the main ways to attract funds and fill up the budget of a non-profit organization for years now. Each campaign you run should be prepared, taking into consideration many things, such as:

  • the operation algorithms of the fundraising platform
  • rules and conditions of the platform for fundraising
  • preferences of your supporters and donors, existing and potential ones

It is not enough to attract attention anymore. Your campaign should stand out among alike ones so that people would notice it and decide to support your initiative or project in a financial way.

Of course, the main point is the message you pack and deliver to your potential donors. If they understand how important what you suggest is then they can take action and donate once or even on a regular basis.

If you want to make your organization more appealing to the audience, and thus attract more funds, you could take into consideration the following 10 tips almost every non profit digital agency would recommend you to follow when working on the creation and implementation of your fundraising strategy.

 1. Analyze your donors 

Your donors are your audience that you need to get to know in order to talk to them in a proper and efficient way.

Consider creating profiles of your donors, depending on their demographic, geographic features, lifestyle and behavioral patterns, preferences in communication, etc. Then it will be easier for you to personalize your campaigns for those donors.

 2. Use storytelling in a visual way 

Good content is important but the way it is presented also matters. Do not just use text – add media elements, such as tables, pictures, photos, videos, and so on. Those elements can really make your message more visual and meaningful for donors.

 3. Add a psychological tab to your donors’ profiles 

It is very important for you to learn how and why your donors behave in specific ways, as well as factors of their motivation. Then you will be able to pack the message in a way it will definitely catch the attention of your donors and make them donate.

 4. Use a segmented approach to communicate with your donors 

Donors are not the same and not all of them can be addressed the same way. For example, those that make regular donations are very different from those who donate one time only. So you need to divide your donors into segments to personalize your messages and make them more relevant.

 5. Make your web pages mobile friendly 

Most supporters will use their smartphones and tabs to interact with your website so make sure it is loaded and works properly on mobile devices.

 6. Use the power of social media 

You should take advantage of each social media – create your account and publish regularly the content that fits the audience of that platform:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Snapchat

Don’t miss any of them!

 7. Work on the quality of donation experience 

It is not only important to persuade your donors to make a donation – they should also find it easy and comfortable to do it. This is why you can consider creating a donation funnel where each element will be interconnected and lead to the next one, warming donors up and preparing them for the final point – the actual donation.

  • Include more visual elements in your content
  • Work on the appearance of button people should notice and click to donate
  • Use catchy and appealing subject lines
  • Be careful with the style of the language you use to address your potential and existing donors

Test each element to see how to make it better and then a different combination of those elements. This way you will be able to create the perfectly shaped funnel that your donors will pass and finally make the donation you need.

 8. Increase donors’ retention rate 

Each expert non profit digital agency will tell you that the best donors are the regular ones. This is why it is important to work on their retention. Those donors who are part of your world support you more, feel a real connection with you and your ideas, donate more and help you get more supporters.

In order to make your communication better and stimulate more donations, you could personalize their experience so they would feel closer to your project, initiative, or organization.

  • show them a unique final message after they complete the donation
  • send them personalized emails they will really enjoy reading
  • update them with the progress of your project so they would see how much what they do matters
  • mention your donors on your website and on social media to thank them for their support

Use those tips to make the promotion of your nonprofit more efficient and donations you get bigger and more regular. Step by step you can get better results and make even more difference!

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