A Bible Reading Plan Beyond the Typical Bible Reading Plan

Bible Reading Plan

This postmodern DESPONDENCY is a more frequent answer to the question, “So how is your dedication going?”  And in fact, I think I know why. We were sold a lie about “what” constitutes a good Bible reading plan. That’s it: Read a handful of chapters daily, or read the Bible from cover to cover.

Have you ever tried to do it? Is it true that you are reading the Bible?

Great if you have. splendid. Did you receive any special benefits from the Lord?

At this point, you may be a little tired if you are as loyal as you are to your Bible reading plan. But consider this:

  1. The Bible Reading Plans encourage a legitimate view of devoted time. To meet the criteria, you need to read a certain amount of the Bible. If you have enough time to go with the Holy Spirit, the amount is okay. The Holy Spirit rushes into a passage or word of text and asks us to study it in depth. Following a Bible-reading plan sometimes does not allow such freedom.
  2. As we progress, as we check the chapters, any of the texts we just read permeated our minds and permeated our minds enough to change us. Do you? Dedicated activities bring about change. After we have grown up in the Holy Spirit. The Spirit breathes through us through our time in the Word, and through our time meditating on the Word during our devoted time. If our Bible reading plan has been achieved, but we feel we are not growing, the Holy Spirit may be revealing something.
  3. Choosing one or one section of the Bible book and staying there for several months or more than a year is God’s until the end of actual spiritual growth, emotional stability, and spiritual grounds. You can pursue words in a healthier way. The greatest growth period in my life came from studying Proverbs one chapter a day and all 31 chapters a month for 18 months. I didn’t try to do it for so long. The spirit of God has driven me. Recently, I am studying the Sermon on the Mount. And it’s not just the Word. Read commentary, listen to sermons, and learn the feats of Jesus’ most famous teachings. And I’ve done a lot of both challenge and encouragement!
  4. If you try to stick to a Bible Reading Plan and fail, you will know the inner shame it can create. God makes our devoted life easier and easier to handle if our hearts are in it. But Satan wants to complicate all the good things and nullify our joy.

I’m not saying that the Bible reading plan is bad. They work for some people, certainly many. But they are neither all-purpose nor final for many. And when we are free to be guided solely by the Spirit, some of the best growth will come.

My advice on reading your Bible is to fall in love with the Bible and grow wherever the Holy Spirit takes you.

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