A Guide to New Peterbilt Drivers (A Must Read)

A Guide to New Peterbilt Drivers

You’ve decided to try your hand at being a truck driver, and you have the training and license to help you get started. After making sure you have the right truck for the job, the most important thing to remember is to not get ahead of yourself and take on too much before you’re truly ready. Otherwise, you might find yourself not enjoying the job as much as you thought you would, and you may even want to move on to a different line of work before long. 

Choosing the right truck for you can be as simple as looking for trucks made by one manufacturer or another; for example, a Peterbilt is a good choice for even new truck drivers because they manufacture some of the safest and most reliable trucks. As to make sure you don’t bite off more than you can chew, here are a few helpful tips.

Set Basic Expectations

As with any relationship, you’ll want to set basic expectations with whomever you choose to drive for. At the very least, determine what you expect when it comes to the salary; what kind of jobs you’ll be handling and any lifestyle changes that might result from them; how much time you can spend with your family. You’ll also want to remind your employer about basic professionalism and respect. 

When you set expectations, you also remind yourself what kind of behavior you won’t tolerate, either from yourself or from your employer. Then you’ll be able to speak up when needed.

Honor Your Commitments

When you and an employer agree to and sign a contract for a certain amount of time, make sure you hold up your part of that agreement. 

Understandably, you want to experience driving for various employers or carriers to see which ones you’re more comfortable with, but if you constantly hop from one employer to another, you’ll have difficulty finding a carrier to work with. It won’t matter if you drive a Peterbilt 579; if someone feels they cant’ trust you to stay with them for more than, say, three months, then they don’t have to hire you.

The exception to this is if the conditions at one company or another are unbearable, or your employer somehow violates the contract themselves. Otherwise, to be safe, stay with a company for at least a year before moving on.


Drive Safely

Making sure you stick to the speed limit, not to mention following all the necessary safety precautions any driver needs to follow, such as always using the mirrors, will help you not just carry out each job in one piece, but will also keep other drivers, passengers, and pedestrians safe. It will also ensure that your truck doesn’t undergo any unneeded stress and strain. 

There are other benefits to driving safely. For example, you’ll lower your stress levels as well as the likelihood of getting a ticket – which will affect your driving record. You’ll be able to avoid any extra wear and tear on your truck, not to mention cause it to become more fuel-efficient.

As you can see, the above tips will help you make sure you have a long and fulfilling career as a truck driver. But if you’re still looking for a truck to drive and haven’t decided yet on the model, we recommend buying a Peterbilt 579. Visit this page for the best deals!

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