A list of Best Foods for A Teenager

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People often ask for the best food that can make them healthy overnight. Well, a single food cannot do anything but the combination of diet with a healthy lifestyle can help you. Everyone’s body reacts differently against different diets, and there are different foods included that affect your body based on different factors.

When it comes to teenagers, they have a big appetite as they need a more nutritious diet that is rich in nutrients. Having too much fat, salt, sugar, and a processed diet can end up with negative effects on teenagers’ growth.

Teenagers need more energy and nutrients as they grow. According to experts from CMH hospital lahore, I have made a list of the best and worst foods for teens that can prevent them from many potential physical dangers.

Best Foods for Teenagers to Eat

 Teens need nutrient rich foods, but do you know what nutrients they need more?

Potassium: is crucial for healthy blood pressure, muscle contraction, and nerve function.

Iron: It helps with blood production in teens and also improves oxygen delivery throughout your body. It improves your immune system and is important for growth.

Fiber: It improves the digestive system and makes you feel full for a long time. It is also good for your heart health.

Calcium: It helps to build strong bones and teeth. Calcium is also important for fluid balance and improves heart health.

Vitamin D: Calcium absorption is important which is possible with vitamin D as it helps to keep your bones strong and maintain muscles healthy.

Here is the list of the best foods for a teenager with rich nutrients.

  • Fish

Fish is a healthy diet for everyone, especially for teenagers. Make sure that teens eat fish at least two or three times a week. Some healthy fish are beneficial for the teens, such as tuna, salmon, and mackerel.

They contain important fats that help with brain health and are also good for heart health. It is also a good source of healthy protein. You will be getting calcium, potassium, iron, and much more.

  • Colorful vegetables

 Colorful vegetables are best known for their plenty of beneficial nutrients that can help your body fight off many viral infections. Spinach, leafy greens, beans, peas, sweet potatoes, purple cabbage, carrots, and lentils are the best foods that can help you to grow teens healthily.

Leafy greens are rich in potassium, fiber, vitamin A, and vitamin C.But a survey reveals that teens do not like to eat veggies as they prefer processed foods. But parents need to pick some of the healthy foods that their teens can enjoy.

  • Whole-grain breads

Experts say that whole-grain bread contains more nutrition than those white bread and grain products. They are rich in carbs, a boost of fiber, and vitamin B. You can also go for brown rice, oats, whole grain pasta, and potatoes.

  • Avocados

Avocados are rich in good fats and it adds the flavor to your foods. For example, you can add it to your toast, salads, pasta, eggs, sandwiches, etc. Such foods are popular among teens so parents can easily add these foods to the diet plan of their teens.

  • Fruits

 Now again, you need to go with different colors, shapes, and types. Some fruits are proven to be the best for the teens, such as bananas, watermelon, oranges, pineapples, grapes, dried fruit, etc.You can also choose some other types of fruits for your teens that contain vitamin C, vitamin A, fiber, potassium, etc.

  • Seeds and nuts

 Seeds and nuts contain different beneficial nutrients, such as fiber, zinc, calcium, and other healthy fats. Try to add nuts and seeds into your regular diet plan as it will help to maintain phytochemicals in your body. Chia seeds, walnuts, and pumpkin seeds are the best foods for teens.

Final Thought

Caffeine, sugary drinks, coffee, French fries, and white bread are not good for the teens as they are low in nutrients and give poor energy. Experts suggest going with a balanced diet plan.



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