A Quick Guide on Buying Shoes for Basketball


When buying shoes for basketball, it is critical to consider the type of playing surface, the shape of the foot and the player. For indoor courts, shoes with a flat, non-marking sole are ideal. Outdoor courts may require shoes with a herringbone pattern for better traction. 

Players with wide feet should look for spacious ones in the toe box. Players with narrow feet should look for basketball shoes with a snug fit. High-top shoes provide additional ankle support, making them a good choice for players with a history of ankle injuries. This article will elucidate the different types and help people choose the right kick.

Types of Shoes

Before beginning to look further, one needs to understand the different types of shoes. There are three main basketball shoe types: high-top, low-top and mid-top:

  • High-top shoes provide additional ankle support, making them a good choice for players with a history of ankle injuries. The high-top shoe gets designed to wrap around the ankle and provide support and stability. 
  • Low-top shoes allow for more ankle movement and get preferred by some players for their speed and agility. Low-top shoes are designed to be lightweight and flexible, providing a greater range of motion for the player.
  • Another type of basketball shoe is the mid-top. This type is a hybrid of high-top and low-top. It provides some support for a high-top shoe but still allows for more ankle movement than a high-top shoe.

Some shoes are explicitly designed for certain players, such as power forwards or point guards. Power forwards typically need more support and cushioning, while point guards need a lightweight shoe that provides good traction.

Other Factors to Consider

While the type of shoe is a significant element, there are other factors people should consider. Here are some such factors:

  • Consider the fit and style of the shoe.
  • Consider the materials and construction of the shoe.
  • The upper body should provide the right support levels, breathability and durability.
  • The sole of the shoe provides traction and cushioning. Consider the playing surface when choosing the sole.
  • Look for shoes with advanced cushioning systems such as air or gel to provide extra support and protection.
  • Some shoes have added features such as a shank for added support or a torsion system for increased stability.
  • Consider the brand reputation and customer reviews.

Benefits of Online Shopping for Basketball Shoes

Online shopping for basketball shoes has several advantages: 

  • One of the primary benefits is the convenience factor. Shopping through the internet allows for browsing and purchasing shoes from the comfort of one’s home without needing physical travel to a store. 
  • Additionally, online retailers often have a wider selection of shoes and sizes available, making it easier to find the perfect pair. Shopping through the internet also allows for comparison of prices from different retailers, which can aid in finding the best deal.
  • Many online retailers offer free shipping and returns, which can save money and make the shopping experience more hassle-free. Furthermore, customer reviews are also available, which can provide valuable insights into the quality and fit of a shoe before making a purchase. 

Overall, online shopping for shoes offers convenience, a more comprehensive selection, potential cost savings and valuable customer reviews to aid in the purchasing decision.

In conclusion, when buying basketball shoes, it’s critical to consider the fit, style, materials and construction. The type of playing surface, foot shape and type of player are also important factors to consider. Popular basketball shoe options, for example, include the Nike Lebron 17, Adidas Harden Vol. 6 and Under Armour Curry. Each of these shoes offers a unique combination of support, cushioning and traction, making them suitable for different players and playing surfaces.


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