Ad pen selection – design, options and features

Ad pen selection

Advertising ink pens are one of the most common items selected by businesses and organizations looking for a lucrative way to reach an audience. Everyone uses pans, in the office, at home and on the street, so they are truly a product with a universal flavor. They are also small, which makes it a good choice for direct mail or event marketing.

As part of Advertising Marketing and Advertising, we discuss key advertising and customization ideas below, as well as some major advertising pens. The pen is a popular advertising feature and there are thousands to choose from. Your target audience already has this, and the key to getting the best advertising path by buying a pen is choosing and customizing the pen, so it makes the most impact and conveys the message of your advertising and brand. ۔

Score and rollerball

The most common types of advertising pens are balls and roller balls. Honey pens use oily paint and require more pressure when writing, so they are best used with carbon copies. Also, since oil and paint are used, recording does not work when the moisture is gone. Roller hair pens use water-based paints and other hair mechanisms. They require less pressure when writing, and will work when the ink is wet.

There is a difference between the two most common Acrylic Paint pens. They use water-based paints such as grease ink, a ball mechanism like both ballpoint pens and roller ball pens. Although honey balloons are stronger, most people prefer the experience of roller blades or pens and paints. Your message will appear when you use the pen, so it is important that recipients choose the pen they want to use. For example, roller blades may be a good choice for B2B businesses, as recipients may prefer them over office balloons.

Press, rotate and glue.

There are three common pen designs. Stick pans are often common and are limited to barrels and gates. Click on the pen, expose or reject the dot, and the pen uses a rotating mechanism to do so. Again, this is a personal preference. Tighten the pan, often acting as a toy to relieve stress, they have no door to lose.

Separators and markers

Advertising lamps are a popular advertising feature. Because they are usually larger than a writing pen, they usually have a larger print area, which is more compact than your logo and the text or artwork you want to print. ۔ Indicators are commonly used in the office environment, so they are a good choice for B2B advertising. An added benefit of advertising lamps is that they are often lacking in the office: a good advertising product meets the demand, and lighters are a good example.

Unique advertising pen: a light, novel, and message pen

There are thousands of advertising pens, some of which are really different. Some newsletters include forms or titles related to your brand or message. Shiny and shiny pens are great for shopping and event marketing as they attract attention and drive traffic to your booth. Message pens, or video pens, use a creative method to display a revolving message or to publish as much information as possible with an advertising pen, allowing you to be creative.

Style and multi-function pen

With the growing popularity of PDAs and other electronic devices, styles and multi-function pens are a growing category. Choosing a multi-purpose pen increases the likelihood that your brand and message will not match the other pen on the table.

Gain artwork, publishing and expertise

The pen is usually printed on a board or screen, and based on the pen you can print your logo and other information on the barrel, cap and / or clip. The number of clicks and the number of colors varies from pen to pen, so if your logo uses three colors and you are in all three pens, remember the selection process from the beginning. Also keep in mind that even if you choose a pen, the markings on the pen are limited. Think about what information you need to achieve your marketing and advertising goals. If it’s more than one or two, you can think of creative ways to rethink your message that gives you more room to work.

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