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As jewelry, chains have long become the basic accessory that won’t fail to elevate the look whenever an appealing detail is needed. The times when the chain had the only original and simple design are gone for good, as now we have countless styles and variations able to satisfy the needs of every jewelry fan. This diversity that we are happy to enjoy now is the result of the hard and painstaking work of skilled jewelers and designers. And there’s one special style we’d like to discuss here.

The rumor has it that there once was the jeweler from Italy whose name was Franco. His dream was to create the design that is as appealing as the curb chain was at that time, but more practical and exquisite. Italian craftsmen are known all over the world due to the distinguishable affect they’ve made on different spheres like art, culture, architecture, music, fashion. The same goes for Franco, he used all the passion and artistry inherent to Italians to create the notorious Franco chain.

So, what’s so special about the Franco chain? The pattern of this necklace consists of four-sided V-shaped links, that are also called chevron links, put tightly together. The links are connected in such a way that it provides the Franco chain with the two sides showing different designs. The one side of the chain displays the distinctive V-shaped ornament the Franco chain is famous for. Another side reminds me of the Cuban link chain style a bit. The thing is that both, the Franco and the Cuban chains are the descendants of the curb chain which makes them related, hence the resemblance. Such a unique feature of changing the looks depending on its side adds the chain versatility and intricacy.

The Franco chain style has also some variations, as if being a shape-shifter within one necklace wasn’t good and complex enough on its own. The classic Franco chain design depicts sharp angles and straight lines of the ornament, making emphasis on the strict geometry of the jewelry. But among the popular variations of the style there’s a rounded type of Franco chain, where the sharp angles become milder and the strict lines turn into a streamlined elegant frame of the necklace.

The Franco style belongs to the group of chains that are strong and durable. It is reached thanks to the construction and connection of the links that secure the chain from breaking. It is also really hard to get the Franco chain tangled thanks to the close setting of its links, but it still remains quite flexible. The amount of links and the way they entwine keeps the chain in place even if one of them gets damaged or broken. In spite of being quite complex in design, the Franco chain is relatively easy to fix or replace one of the links if it’s required. But those cases are among the extraordinary, as the chain is really exceptionally strong. The Franco chain pendant will be safe even if it’s a rather weighty piece of jewelry.

Actually, it’s not only the pendants that work well with the Franco chain. It’s easy to style this necklace with other jewelry as long as they’re made of the same material. The Franco chain has an interesting appearance but not to the point that it steals all the spotlight, it has a great ability to highlight the beauty of the wearer and the elegance of the outfit instead of screaming about the exclusivity of the necklace itself.

The chain is also easy to combine with different looks. It goes equally well with casual outfits and with business clothes, it resonates with elegant evening gowns and matches bold, daring images. All you have to do is follow the simple rules to combine them right. Here are some tips:

  • If you wish to wear your Franco chain with a classic collar of a shirt, you should know that for this purpose a mid-length chain with a pendant would be perfect.
  • Oval and deep oval necklines work well with chokers or thick Franco chains that repeat the neckline’s shape.
  • The necklines of a square shape prefer delicate chains with laconic pendants.
  • If you’ve already decided to wear a Franco necklace, you shouldn’t match it with the asymmetric neckline outfits, as it will visually overload the area.
  • The rule of 3 jewelry items is always topical. Considering that you’ve already put the Franco chain on, opt for no more than 2 other pieces, and at least one of them is better to be further from the face.
  • We’ve already mentioned that the metal of your Franco chain should harmoniously match other jewelry items. If the chain is made of gold, pick the rest of the jewelry in gold as well; if it’s silver, complete the image with other jewelry made of silver. It goes for the colors of gold as well.
  • The image would look complete if the overall style of the chosen jewelry is generally the same. If your Franco chain is delicate, opt for elegant and subtle items; if the chain is made thick, you may consider some statement earrings or rings to match it.
  • You also should take into account your skin tone in order to pick the right color of your Franco chain. Yellow gold presents great contrast with dark skin, while fair complexion works well with silver or white gold; the chain of a rose gold needs careful consideration, as they can get lost on a pale skin with a little blush.
  • The right chain is also able to visually correct your face and body shape. Thus, people with the round shaped face should opt for the Franco chain of middle length and width or a bit longer variants which will help to visually prolong the face and make it look thinner. At the same time thick chokers would only emphasize the roundness. People with the square shape of face should better pick thin Franco chains of middle or maxi length with a pendant. A V-shaped necklace looks nice on people with a triangular face, but they’d better avoid thick chokers. Those with the reversed triangle on the contrary should choose shorter and wider rounded Franco chain necklaces. The oval shape of the face provides the freedom of choice. Every length and width of the Franco chain will look good on the people with the oval face type.
  • As to the body, short or mid-length Franco chain will help to make an accent on a long neck, while the long necklace might cause the resemblance with a giraffe. Selecting a Franco chain, don’t go the opposite way with your body proportions. Thin girls look ridiculous wearing massive necklaces, and should better opt for delicate ones. The same goes for the happy owners of the curves, as thin and short chains won’t look harmoniously on them, but those of mid or maxi length will make the body visually slenderer.

Originally the Franco link chain was designed as the necklace for men, and it has eventually become one of their favorite styles. It’s the chain that helps to express passion and sensuality, creativity, strength and romantic nature in a way only the jewelry designed in Italy is able to. Women couldn’t miss the opportunity to get such an exquisite necklace, so they didn’t let men have such a treasure to themselves, and now the Franco chain is the unisex jewelry. The only thing women and men might not be happy about is that the Franco chain may sometimes catch your hair, but comparing to all its advantages this tiny flaw is too minor to notice.

Well, probably it’s really all you need to know about Franco chains. Except, there’s one more thing: it’ll look fantastic on your neck!


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