Are Human-Sized Hamster Balls The Future Of VR? 


Human-sized hamster balls are loads of fun to play with. They have been a part of our outdoor fun for some time now. They provide us with lots of opportunities to feel our surroundings without being in harm. And that very specific feature of this play thing has made those balls a part of the near future. 

If you haven’t ever played with a human sized hamster ball, you should definitely get one and try it out. One doesn’t need that much space to play with a hamster ball. Only then will you be able to fully realize the possibilities that come from the movement of a human sized hamster ball.

Virtual Reality(VR)

Virtual reality is here. It might be hard to believe. But with Facebook’s recent announcement involving metaverse, we are closer to achieving it more than ever. 

For those who don’t know, virtual reality is the computer generated environment. It might be something akin to real life. Or it might be something totally new, just like a new, unexplored planet. 

Facebook has recently announced Metaverse. Metaverse is where the circle comes around full. It is a virtual reality world where the internet will take the physical form. We have already seen metaverse-like and highly metaverse-like platforms. 

The concert arranged by Fortnite was a metaverse-like event. The concert had a virtual stage and every attendee could walk around the stage in their avatars. They mixed the usual fanfare with visually stunning virtual reality presentations.

VR headsets have been around for some time now. There are now more and more games that support different VR tech. Every large company has invested in VR. Most recently, the renowned game company Valve has revived the most appreciated video game series of all time, Half-life with a new VR game. This game is a VR only game and still it has been able to garner both the critic’s and player’s appreciation. That means VR has already reached a lot more players, perhaps more than any time.

Movements & Perceptions in VR

One can move in VR. In the concert by Fortnite, players were already using their keyboards to control their avatar in game. But in a way, that hinders the realization of the full potential in VR. Players can’t merge them totally into this new reality that way. 

There are also several other failings in VR which need to be addressed eventually. The user’s perception in the VR world is non-existing. Let alone sensory perception, the mimicking of real life experience such as travelling, walking is yet to be fully achieved. 

Human-sized Hamster Balls(Or The Missing Ingredient Of VR World)

The human sized hamster balls are a good source of fun for everyone. It enables one to roll, bump and do all other movements at will. Besides, it provides an isolated environment for every user. There might be several users at the same place. But they all are in separate environments. 

These two features of human-sized hamster balls have made them the blueprint for a better, new approach in the VR world. Companies like Eight360 are now working for a better VR machine which can also help to mimic the perceptions.

Image: Eight360 Official website.

This funny looking orb can rotate around its axis. The player is in an isolated environment. 

When players sit inside this ball wearing a typical VR headset, it enhances the feelings and perception as the player can move in any way he wants. Interestingly, this machine goes a little further than just providing controller haptics like the usual VR controllers in the market. It provides feedback following the VR content’s physics.

Due to the isolation of the environment, the player can totally feel himself/herself inside the virtual reality world. The audio immersion becomes better. Thanks to the technological advancement we have achieved, visual immersion has already become a lot better.

Possible Applications of this approach in VR tech

Eight360 has already stated that they are looking forward to using their Nova ball for various different purposes. This kind of technology is especially useful for training. For example, this might take the airforce pilot training to a whole new level. They will be able to practice a lot more with specific types of planes or helicopters. 

This opens a lot more chances to explore new environments via the amazing world of VR. People can visit historical monuments and heritages any time via their VR machines. They can get inside the big VR ball and explore the place in any way they want. 

VR is the Future!

Everyone might mention a ton of different techs. We are becoming more eccentric and that’s why VR is going to show the path to the new world for us. VR has already proved that it is the future. That way, the goofy fun source called a hamster ball has become the future too.

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