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Accessibility is no small issue. It is estimated that over one billion people in the world have a disability and are living with certain accessibility needs. Many are working hard to try and address these needs and make sure that disabled people have equal opportunity and access to things, as everybody else does. It has become commonplace to see considerations to those who are disabled. Beeping and other sensory aids at road crossings, ramps into buildings, elevators to all floors and disabled toilets with extra equipment, all to assist a variety of disabilities that people may be living with. This is all important, but it should also be expected. It isn’t anything special to make sure that those living with a disability enjoy the same rights as others. This should be happening always. But is it?

While a lot of work has been done, there are more things still to be done. An area that is often overlooked is online. A common misconception is that the very existence of the internet makes the lives of disabled people easier and gives them access to things they couldn’t access before. While this may be the truth with some disabilities, with others, the internet sometimes means frustration and a feeling of being excluded from something that so many of us take for granted and enjoy unlimited access to, fortunately businesses like accessiBe exist to help combat this issue.

Again, many websites have now taken steps to combat this and have made their websites accessible, but there is still a way to go. To help push this along, it has now become a legal issue in many countries. Yes, to not have an accessible website can result in lawsuits, as well as fines, not to mention a damaged reputation for your business. The fact this is being taken more seriously in recent years is evidenced in the fact that the number of lawsuits has risen dramatically. People want this issue resolved.

As we have said, there are many types of disabilities, and this can result in companies feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work they think needs to be done to get their website accessible. But you may be pleasantly surprised to learn that it is actually very easy. There is software available, along with people to install it, that can search through your website for potential accessibility issues and fix them there and then. Yes, your website could become fully accessible in a matter of days.

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