Aussie gourmet paradise: why you should definitely visit the Barossa Valley

Aussie gourmet paradise
Aussie gourmet paradise

There is nowhere in Australia like the shiras Valley. The jewel in a very illustrious Australian wine crown, the Barossa is world famous for producing some of the world’s finest Shiraz, Riesling, Cabernet Sauvignon and Semillon (among others), with some of the world’s most collectible labels holding grand traditional in the region.

With this in mind, it should come as no surprise that the region is a gourmand’s paradise. Whether you’re winery hopping in order to find your favourite new Barossa Shiraz, indulging in local produce at a top class restaurant or taking it all in from the wonderful heights of a hot air balloon, it certainly has a heap to offer.

Let’s take a look at some of the top adventures that await you in this wine and life lover’s paradise:

Wine tasting (duh)

Naturally, the most popular activity, and the reason why people from across the world flock to this bucolic region, is to taste fine wine. The Barossa, hosting some of the world’s oldest vines, is no stranger to fine wine, with the likes of Seppelt, Peter Lehmann, Yalumba, Chateau Tanunda and more all calling this wonderful valley home.

What makes these legendary labels even more special is the fact that they have pretty incredible cellar doors, with amazing, high-end locations housing their very best vintages with experts who are more than happy to indulge your tasting fancies.

Allow the experts at these wineries to help you decide on your new favourite vintage before having a case sent back home – it’s all part of the joys of wine tasting in this most revered wine holy land.

World class produce

Pretty much anywhere you go in this world where there is fine wine there is sure to be fine produce, right? And the Barossa is absolutely no exception to this rule. The region is not just a wine-lover’s dream, but a gourmand’s paradise, with incredible produce stocking the restaurants and markets of this gorgeously fertile region.

There are numerous ways you can enjoy the amazing cornucopia of food that makes up the Barossa, whether having it made for you or by you. First, the Barossa has two wonderful farmers markets in the Mount Pleasant Farmers Market and the Barossa Farmers Market.

Both markets are absolutely full of delectable goodies like meats, fish, cheeses, fruit and veg, baked goods and, of course, the ubiquitous wine. We recommend going to both markets as they both contain different types of goodies in each.

Next, to the farm shop of one of Australia’s legendary gourmands, Maggie Beer. Any Aussie who knows anything about our food scene will know Maggie: she has been serving up delightful food on tele and through her own brand for many years, and her farm shop is the ultimate place to find her delicious food and see what her brand is all about.

Here, you can pick up plenty of goods as well as take part in awesome cooking classes as well as verjuice making demonstrations – it’s a great way to spend an arvo in the Barossa.

Hot air balloon ride

Given you are yet to go wine tasting OR you didn’t get too stuck in at your previous day’s tasting, a hot air balloon ride above the Barossa Valley is a truly spectacular way to take it all in. Soar high above the lush valley as you take in all the vineyards and farmland that makes this part of Australia so dramatically special.

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