Best DIY Project For Your Apartment

Project For Your Apartment
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Outfitting an apartment can be challenging. The spaces are small and you’re often operating on a tight budget.

Fortunately, DIY projects can be quite useful. With a little bit of skill and creativity, readily available materials can be transformed into master pieces. A good source for DIY projects is just a few clicks away. There are several well designed and decorated homes that can inspire you for your next DIY decoration & craft project.

These easy and relatively affordable DIY projects can make your apartment look sophisticated and classy.

Paint the garden gate

A brightly-painted garden gate can add lots of appeal to your apartment. If the weather is conducive, showing some love to your shabby-looking gate is an easy project that you can handle within a short time.

If your goal is to make the gate your focal point, try a shade of cherry paint and include colorful plants and flowers to help echo the theme. Alternatively, if you want your gate to match your apartment, opt for a heritage shade or a color that matches the front door of your apartment to give you a coordinated chic look.

Begin the process by using a sandpaper to give your gate a smooth finish. Cover the hinges and handles with tape before applying your preferred choice of paint. Finish off with a coat of exterior eggshell for a glossy and shiny effect.

Use a pretty paper to line your cabinet or dresser

The idea here is to use a colorful paper to line the inside of your plain dresser or cabinet to give it a new makeover.

A gift wrap or craft paper will create a pretty background for displaying your favorite ceramics and glassware. If you want your display pieces to attract more attention, we recommend that you choose a darker shade.

Start by removing the shelves of your dresser or cabinet before measuring up the interior. If you’re going for a uniform effect, use a single length of wallpaper. However, if you want a pattern or contrasting colors, use a different piece of paper for every section.

Mirror mirror on the wall

A perfectly positioned mirror can bring an aspect of glamor to your apartment. The brilliance of a mirror can make your small space look bigger and more open. It also gives an illusion of depth by reflecting the light making your apartment look brighter.

Use accessories like vintage glass jugs and pillar candles to bring out the elegant design of the mirror. Gilded dividers on the mirror add glamor and interest to your apartment. Using accessories of diverse heights to create an assemblage can give you a more sophisticated look.

Install a simple floating shelf

Floating shelves are an easy and stylish way of creating extra space or storage in your apartment. Whether it’s a set of shelves for ornaments, books and pictures in the living room or a shelf for cutlery and crockery in the dining room, floating shelves help you stay organized and maximize space usage.

Hanging a floating shelf is not such a difficult task. All you need are the right tools and floating shelf guide that you can easily find on the internet. Before you begin drilling, ensure that the walls of your apartment are sound.

Finish off by painting the shelves to match the color of your wall for a seamless look. On the other hand, you can opt for a contrasting color to make the shelves stand out.

A corner shoe rack

Sure, space is very limited in apartments; however, you can still stay organized. Install square shelves vertically or floating V-shape shelves for each shoe in any corner of your apartment. This will help reduce the clutter if your entryways are limited.

A pegboard kitchen storage

Initially, pegboards were used in garage spaces because of their limited room. Now, many designers are using pegboards because they are convenient and endlessly flexible. You can move around the hooks, add or subtract them as you please.

Choose a pegboard depending on the size of your wall. Paint it in a color that best suits your kitchen. Once it’s dry, fix it on the wall and install hooks.

Fix a wooden shelf on top of the pegboard and hang the light stuff on the hooks. For the heavier stuff like pans and pots, you can place them on the shelf.

A pegboard adds style to your kitchen and keeps it organized. Besides, you don’t need advanced DIY skills to complete the project.

Embrace indoor greenery

If you’re a plant lover, then the small apartment space should not be a problem. Display your favorite plants over the wall. Adding a living breathing greenery to your apartment will revitalize the room as well as boost your wellbeing and mindfulness.

Install several wall planters in a row above the sofa or sideboard. This helps create a unique alternative or symmetry to the regular painting or picture wall.

Also, ensure that you choose plants that are low maintenance and can thrive indoors since they will be growing inside your apartment.

Wall-mounted flower pots are a practical and stylish way to create a modern and minimalist decor scheme.


The above DIY projects are great for renters because they are damage-free. They will give your apartment a personalized touch and help you maximize space and eliminate clutter.

Have more suggestions or ideas? Feel free to share with us in the comments below.

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