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Working hard is good, but working smart is even better. The same principle is applied to the science of weight loss.

Instead of clinging to ideas that may endanger your health, there are various methods backed by scientific studies that could help you shed your body fat in the safest way possible under professional supervision. That is why so many ask, where can I find a weight loss clinic near me?

Intermittent fasting

Observing short-term fasts on a regular basis is an extremely reliable method when it comes to losing fat. This is why intermittent fasting, which lasts for over 24 weeks, is instrumental for overweight people. Alternate Day Fasting, 5:2 Diet, and 16/8 methods are the most common kinds of intermittent fasting.

The ADF method means that the person will fast for a day, then consume the usual diet the next day. The 5:2 Diet method preaches fasting two out of every seven days, while those who stick to the 16/8 method only have an eight-hour window to eat throughout the entire day.

Track your diet and exercise

Keeping track of what you are putting in your body makes you mindful of your diet. Similarly, you need to know how much energy you are putting into your workouts.

This data will help you analyze the input-output ratio of your body. To keep things simple, eat fewer calories than you burn during the exercise. There are tonnes of mobile applications available to help you keep a track of your calorie intake.

Reduce refined carbs

Cutting down on carbohydrates-rich foods is a proven method when it comes to achieving weight loss in a short period. With the help of a personal trainer, you could come up with a proper diet plan consisting of low-carb meals or foods with whole grains. This will make you less hungry and you will consume fewer calories.

Balance gut bacteria

Bacteria in our gut play a significant role in managing our weight, but they function differently in every person’s body. For example, some people get a higher amount of fat deposition from the bacteria they contain as compared to some other guy who consumed the same amount of food. This is nature and you can’t fight it. But, what you can do is limit its function by adding fruits, vegetables, and grains to your diet.

Increase body motion

 Exercise is not compulsory to get rid of extra weight, but studies have shown that it helps lose weight rapidly. The science behind this is simple: You burn calories and stop your metabolism from slowing down when you lift weights. This also helps you build lean muscle which helps you feel healthier and look smarter as well.

One of the best methods to get quick results is to work with a personal trainer. Working out under the guidance of an expert will help you achieve the body you have longed for in a shorter time as compared to hitting the gym by yourself and following vague patterns of diet and exercise.


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