Best Strategies To Become A Successful TOEFL Tutor


Are you planning to deliver classes to help students crack the TOEFL exam?  Whether you are a beginner or have been tutoring for a while; you need to be familiar with some strategies to ease your tutoring journey. Because there is a high demand for a good TOEFL tutor but the number of good options are limited.

Moreover, the students only want to learn from tutors having good knowledge and experience. For this reason, one must not only have good teaching skills but also know the best tutoring strategies. We have listed the top ones below. So, let’s check them out.

Top Strategies To Become Successful As A TOEFL Tutor

Gain Experience

Students always want to learn from experienced tutors for the following reasons:

●     More Knowledge

There is a saying that learning is a lifelong process. Hence, the more time you put into learning something, the more knowledgeable you become. Experienced tutors have invested the time and effort in the subject, making them better than the ones who have just started their careers. So, you must look to gain experience and utilise every learning opportunity.

●     Familiar With Important Topics

Over the years, experienced TOEFL tutors have gone through tons of exams and test papers. Consequently, they have a good idea about the important topics and the examiner’s mindset. It is better to put time and effort into high scoring topics because the students need to clear the cutoff to crack the exam.

So, it doesn’t matter if the learners have an equal hold on every topic. What’s important is to score your best in the exam. An experienced tutor can guide them accordingly to facilitate the best results. Besides, the learners don’t have to make efforts to find important topics on their own.

●     Diverse Tutoring Strategies

As experienced tutors have dealt with many learners in the past, they are familiar with multiple teaching approaches. Hence, they can effectively decide which tutoring strategy is the best for the students. When the tutees get the sessions personalised as per their learning preferences, their performance improves and their learning pace increases.

Appear For The TOEFL Exam

Most of the tutors have never appeared for the TOEFL exam. To get detailed knowledge about an exam, you must attempt it at least once on your own. It helps to get a better idea about the environment and the real-time challenges related to the test. Consequently, you will be able to better guide the students regarding the dos and don’ts regarding the exam.

Also, if you appear for TOEFL and also crack it, it will be a good addition to your portfolio. It provides you with an edge over the competitors and can be a deciding factor for some students or parents while considering your profile. Moreover, you know all the small details regarding the exam. For example, “how many rough sheets are given in the test?” and more similar information.

Use Good Study Material

Some tutors gain popularity just because their notes and study material are of good quality. The material which you are following to teach the students majorly influences their learning. For this reason, reputable tutors curate learning material for the students on their own.

The reason is that learners better grasp the information when they get the content in the same format as taught in the class. As the way of explanation of various concepts is identical, they can easily process the information. Consequently, they understand the topics in depth and develop a better understanding.

Furthermore, keep on discovering new resources such as books and websites that are helpful for the students. Because it is good to provide personally curated notes to the learners, but offering them exposure to other study materials is equally important. By going through additional reading material they learn important things that can come in handy at the exam time.

Understand The Examiner’s Mindset

Now we are moving to the advanced strategies that involve analysing the exam structure on a deeper level. What’s better than decoding an exam? It is decoding the examiner’s mindset! Once you get to know this, you will be able to understand how the questions are curated from different sections of the prescribed syllabus.

Moreover, it is important to look at the options given with the objective type questions. Because in competitive exams, the options are added specially to confuse the learners. Hence, the students must have the ability to filter the wrong answers.

The same is true for the speaking skill test. If the tutors are versed in grammar and vocabulary, they can effectively guide the students for the reading test. In addition, expert tutors know what things to ensure to get good scores from the panel. So, they make the students familiar with the same. As a result, the learners perform better.

Help The Students in Practising

It is important to understand a concept but to keep the information in mind for a long time; the students must practice as much as possible. This way, they can easily attempt the questions in the exam or give good performance in the speaking test.

Apart from classes, expert tutors advise the students to read English newspapers and watch English TV shows, movies, etc. It enables the students to learn additional things than what you teach them in the tuition classes. Besides, they learn new speaking techniques and unique words that improve their vocabulary and grammar.

The tutors must pay attention to developing learners’ practical skills along with the theoretical portion. When students learn from other resources such as movies and podcasts they get a break from their regular studies. It not only re-energises them but also facilitates good learning at the same time.


The above are the top strategies to become a successful TOEFL tutor. You can implement them to make yourself better from the competition and stand out among other tutors. Moreover, it is always better to learn from the tutors that are doing good in the same domain. For this reason, you can look at the reputable TOEFL tutors’ sessions and analyse their strengths and weaknesses to learn from them. All in all, by making consistent efforts in the right direction, you can surely become one of the best TOEFL tutors.

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