How Many Captcha Types You Know About?

Captcha Types
Captcha Types

Captcha may sound a bit because it is obvious but it is one of the most common things on the internet. We all have completed Captcha while posting something online, commenting, uploading, or downloading something; you know that square boxes with crumbled text or letters that you have to decipher. They are the Captcha, one of the most common yet important parts when it comes to internet security. Though you may have completed it in no time some Captcha types are so hard that anti Captcha sort of applications had to introduce because it would be hard to complete it without it for many of us. They were just simple tests at the start but now there are several different variations of Captcha you may or may not know about. It would be quite interesting to know about them so continue reading the following for more information about Captcha types.

Basic Math Captcha

This is one of the most common types of Captcha where you will b provided with the basic math equations that you have to answer. The equation would be as simple as “1+2=?” and alike.

The purpose behind this Captcha is that the AI will look for the human users that will solve the equation within no time but AI ironically cannot with all of its advancement.

Though some user has complained that they sometimes provide advanced algebraic equation that is plain ridiculous and even though the anti captcha API can complete the Captcha it is just plain annoying and also, straight forward math equation is easy to be solved by any human user that raises a question regarding the effectiveness of such Captcha.

Social Media Sign-In

This is perhaps one of the smartest ways to sign up on any forum or website. This is a Captcha type as well where you have to use your social media platform to sign in on that forum.

This will assure them that a legit user is trying to have access to their platform because spammers usually avoid providing their details on such platforms.

This is a smart way to sign in because instead of giving too much information on their platform, why not use their Google or Facebook account to sign in and even give them a like on social media as well. Also, the user will not have to look for the anti captcha key to get such Captcha to solve.

However, even legit users may avoid providing their social media accounts and leave the page which can be a huge bummer.

Word Captcha

This is one of the oldest types of Captcha that has different variants and one of the most types is where we get to see distorted letters and words that we need to figure out.

Because humans have natural OCR ability that can recognize letters and characters even in distorted forms and bots don’t have it.

Though some advanced level AI can solve such Captcha but still that technology isn’t accessible to masses and spammers particularly making such Captcha pretty effective.

However, users with visual impairments will not find it easier to solve such Captcha so they may have to resort to the anticaptcha to solve the Captcha and if not then they may leave the page which can affect the conversion rate of the website.

Honey Pot Captcha

This is one of those Captcha that is there but not their kind which means that they are there for bots but for the human user they are unavailable.

This is a Captcha type where developers intentionally leave empty spaces on the webpage which will be visible to the human users but for bots, they will be because bots are designed to tick any empty check box so when they will tick mark it. It will trigger the security of the page and the bots will be kicked out.

Though they are invisible for humans so no anti Captcha will be required for this however, some advanced AI may find the trick and bypass the Captcha.

Confident Captcha Type

This is another Captcha type that we all have been through. In this Captcha type, you will be provided with a series of pictures and you will need to find one similar picture among them such as a dog or cat or maybe a car or bridge.

This is a rather easy Captcha that hardly requires any help from the anti captcha API but there can be a problem with the user who cannot identify because of the low picture quality or broken imagery that is often the case with a slow connection.

Sweet Captcha

This is a Captcha type where users will be asked to choose the picture with similarities and this is the best way to confuse the Bots because, unlike humans, the bots cannot identify the picture in the same way as a human so it will eliminate the bots. However, the user may find this annoying as it may be disrupting their performance which is not a good thing.


With the advancement in technology, now we can find almost every mobile device b tablets or phones, and even laptops that come with biometrics such as finger lock, face lock, and iris scanner.

They have enhanced the overall security of the devices and in near future, they can be a great way to be a part of internet security where the user may have to use biometric to sign in, signup, or post comments or even on the online shopping portals.

Because of the availability of Biometrics on a huge number of devices, they have the potential to become a good Captcha in the future. Because biometric cannot be defeated easily by AI or with software so they can provide a great shield against spambots.

Final Words

Captcha may seem annoying and may seem like a hurdle in our progress on the website but the fact is, they are there to provide security against spam bots and attacks.

However, if you are worried about completing the tough Captcha then opting for anti Captcha can do a lot for you.  

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