Certificate in Business Administration: What to Expect and How to Choose

Certificate in Business Administration
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What is a certificate in Business Administration?


Essentially, a Certificate in Business Administration is a short-term program, typically taking a few months or a year to complete. This course can provide you with foundational business knowledge and skills. The course covers a wide range of topics like: 

Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Management, and Entrepreneurship.


How to choose a certificate course in business administration?


If you’re looking to advance your career in business, obtaining a Certificate in Business Administration (CBA) is a great way to boost your credentials. 


But there’s a catch – with so many options available, how do you choose the right program? What’s the real story behind these certificates, and how can you use them to advance your career? Read on to find out.


 What to Expect from a Certificate in Business administration?


This synopsis is from the real-life experience of an international student pursuing a Certificate in Business administration in Canada.


He started off by disclosing that this course is for students from all backgrounds of study, be it commerce, engineering, or science. 


Even non-business background candidates can apply for this course, provided they pay attention in class and study the subjects diligently as taught by the teachers. 


The student ranks the difficulty level of this course as 6 out of 10.


 Key takeaways: 

  • He mentions that English language proficiency is of keen importance in Business administration graduate certificate programs. Because one must have a good grasp of English to understand classroom teaching.

  • He also mentions daily assignments that will require dedicated work from the students. The overall scores in the course will be decided mainly based on your assignments.

  • The course is for about 8-12 months. However, other courses can be 24 months long. It all depends on the curriculum and teaching style of the university. 

  • The student disclosed his 8-month course cost to be around 15500 CAD overall.

  • He candidly mentioned one assignment where he had to interview an HR recruiter and gather real-time information to complete their task. Through the HR department at his college, the student accessed a 1-hour interview with a recruiter from a furniture store in Canada called Structube.

  • Solid research work is required for the marketing assignments and may need students to branch out and find resources independently from the industrial population in Toronto to complete their tasks. 

  • The student mentions that after the certificate course in Business administration, most of his peers and friends opted for specialization courses in Public Relations (PR) and HR management or HR MBA. He opted for a specialization in Supply Chain Management.


In Conclusion 

A certificate in Business administration can be your ticket to a rewarding career in Business and Management. A certificate program in Business administration is the gateway course for students of any field of study to step into full-fledged management positions within various industries. Make sure you choose a course that aligns with your goals and professional needs.


What’s more? enrolling in the top universities in Toronto can be of great help in building your business network while your study. This feature can be a great asset to you once you complete your business administration course and look for work. Enroll today!

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