Choose Your Own Adventure: By Plane, Car, or Train?


If you are sick and tired of the pandemic and crave a bit of adventure, it is time to head off into the wild blue yonder. You can travel by plane, train, or car to your desired destination since international travel restrictions have eased and all of the above channels of transportation are now open and serving travelers, en masse. However, it is pertinent to note here that every medium of transport comes with its own advantages and disadvantages and you will have to go through all of them before you make a decision. Let us check out the main pros and cons of traveling in any particular medium:

  • Airplanes

Flying is by far one of the most popular ways of traveling today. Let us check its pros and cons

  • Advantages
  • It is fast

Yes, planes are the fastest means of traveling from point A to point B,  just about anywhere on the map. Sometimes, the trip to the airport takes longer than the actual plane trip itself. Not only can an airplane fly over just about any obstacle, but at the same time, it can also fly far faster than any train or automobile. They travel at around 600 miles per hour. That’s even faster than bullet trains!

  • It is convenient

Planes are equipped with washrooms and air hostesses bring you snacks and drinks. Can’t really get such service while traveling in a car.

  • Disadvantages
  • They are expensive

There is no getting around that. An airplane is the single most expensive means of traveling in the world. Airplane tickets cost a whole lot more than a train ticket.

  • Lack of privacy

All you have is a seat crammed next to the passengers sitting close to you and there you will have to stay till the flight is over. Moreover, if it is a long-haul transatlantic flight that goes non-stop for 22 hours. Well, you will have to grin and bear it.

  • Trains

While trains may be slow and lumbering, they have their own advantages as well. Let us take a quick look at some of their key pros and cons

  • Pros
  • Trains are not very expensive

A train ticket is almost always a whole lot cheaper than an airplane ticket. This makes it a very economical way to travel.

  • Train stations are located close to city centers

A train station is typically located either at or close to the center of the city. However, airports are noisy places with airplanes taking off and landing at all hours of the day and night. This is why they are usually located outside the city.

  • Plenty of legroom

Trains have far more legroom than their airplane counterparts so you can stretch at will. You can also book your own cabin complete with a private washroom and bunks that you can use as beds.

  • Cons
  • Trains are slow

The average train cannot hope to come anywhere near the speed of an airplane. Apart from that, they also have to take the terrain into consideration. Unlike an airplane, they can’t fly around obstacles but have to maneuver around them, or through them. This also decreases their speed.

  • They make multiple stops

Even express trains have to stop multiple times on their journey. They have to take in or drop off passengers or be fuelled up.

  • Cars
  • Benefits
  • A close circle of friends

You get to go with your close friends and enjoy your holidays with people whose company you enjoy.

  • Frequent stops

You can stop whenever you want and enjoy the scenery, and get a sim-only deal to access the internet and post cute pictures.

  • Disadvantages
  • Fuel

Fuel costs may be very expensive

  • Maintenance issues

The vehicle might break down in the middle of nowhere, leaving you stranded.

  • Traveling by car: Make sure you have valid documents

When traveling internationally by car it is very important to have all valid documents such as passports and visas. Furthermore, you will also need an international driving license if you are going to travel by car.

  • Conclusion

All of the above transport media have their own pros and cons. Ultimately,  you have to decide which one is best for your adventurous spirit.


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