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A large number of Americans own a timeshare, either purchased or inherited. Although most of them are satisfied with their annual investment, many still feel the need to get rid of this unwanted purchase. But unfortunately, you cannot exit a timeshare as simply as you enter it.

There are a number of timeshare canceling companies that can help you complete the process legally. However, not everyone can be trusted. Numerous companies scam their clients, who end up spending thousands of dollars and still retaining the ownership. Thus, choosing the right company to help you authentically is the biggest decision. But the big question here is, “How to choose the best one?”

Among all these firms, one name that comes across almost all top-listed timeshare exit companies is Wesley Financial Group. They are one of the largest firms with a strong financial backup. They’ve taken up lawsuit cases for multi-million-dollar companies like Wyndham and led them to victory, making them top the charts. Don’t go on our word; check out the Wesley Financial Group reviews and trust them yourself.

What They Offer?

Check out the following perks of Wesley Financial Group to know why it is highly recommended:

High success rate: The company boasts a success rate of 97%, which is quite high. Moreover, it claims to have returned almost $2 million to the remaining 3% of clients. It means that clients get a satisfactory solution after consultation and assistance from their experts.

100% money-back guarantee: Another perk of hiring them is that you can claim 100% money-back if they are unable to help you exit the timeshare. The firm offers this guarantee to their clients as they are proud of their success rate.

Unique Methods: Unlike other companies, they do not use any lawyers for their lawsuits. Instead, they have their own unique four step process called the “Advocate Model” to deal with timeshare cancellation cases, which is quite efficient and foolproof.

High Ratings: It has been accepted by several websites and pages that Wesley Financial Group is among the top timeshare exit companies. The top reviewers, BBB and Trustpilot, have rated the company 4.79/5 and 4.8/5 stars, respectively.

Where They Lack?

Even though there are many benefits of hiring Wesley Financial Group, they still have some drawbacks. Before making any final decision, ensure you learn everything about the company. Here are some points where this top-ranked company lacks:

Does not offer escrow payments: One of the major setbacks is the absence of an escrow payment option which drives away many customers. However, to overcome that, they offer a 100% money-back guarantee instead, which is not such a bad deal.

Does not take inherited timeshare cases: The company strictly denies inherited timeshare cases. This is another drawback as it is one of the major reasons people choose to exit timeshare. So, the company loses many potential customers because of this. Even then, their strength to deal with all other cases successfully makes them stand among the best timeshare exit companies.

Finishing Up

Timeshare is a huge investment among Americans. Willingly and unwillingly, a lot of people end up purchasing a timeshare, and eventually, many regret the same. You face plenty of hurdles once you decide to end a timeshare purchase.

Hiring a timeshare exit company can help you get the right assistance to do it legally. They provide proper guidance according to the situation to either sell your property or assign a team of lawyers for the legal procedure. This is where you need the best, and Wesley Financial Group reviews clearly show that it provides justified results to its clients.

Make sure you check out all the good and bad things about a company before making your decision. Every firm offers some or the other perks, but your circumstances decide which is the right company for you. So don’t hasten while choosing as it involves a lot of time and money, and you definitely want to spend it wisely.

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