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CLEVO The NH70 gaming notebook is an excellent option. It also comes with an Intel processor that is praised as having performance. Its 1TB storage capacity and powerful processor make it a excellent choice for those who play games and enjoy multimedia. This review will provide more details about the NH70. We’ll also look at the battery’s life span. Check out this review if you are interested in learning more about. Let’s take a look at the most crucial elements to be considered before purchasing a gaming laptops.

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About Clevo NH70

If you are a gamer with a limited budget and require a laptop capable of handling the demands of gaming, Clevo NH70 will be the best choice.

This is the complete analysis of Clevo’s N70, a powerful gaming laptop. It considers your preferences and requirements in regards to display, battery, storage processing, audio quality, and overall performance.

This guide will give you a thorough tutorial on how you can make gaming laptops that can meet the requirements of your specifications and needs.

The Specifications of Clevo NH70

This infographic is for reference only.

Laptop and ModelClevo NH70
Memory and Storage Space8 GB
Storage TypeSSD
Graphics CardNVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650
ProcessorIntel Core i7 9750H CPU Clocked at 2.6 GHz
Screen Size17.3-inches Full HD
Battery14.4V 3275mAh
Battery Life3.5 hours
Weight2.5 kg
Operating SystemWindows 10 Home
Price$1700 [Updated]

Overview Of Clevo NH70 Gaming Laptop

The Clevo has swiftly been the most powerful gaming laptop available at a reasonable price. It features a 17.3-inches display, Intel the core processor i7, and comes with 16GB of memory, which gives you the most immersive gaming experience. This laptop is great to those who require an ultra-compact notebook that can perform high-intensity gaming, as well as other duties.

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Why you should pick Clevo NH70 notebook? Clevo NH70 notebook?

The array of features laptops have is among the top. Laptops are accessible for everyone including students as well as professionals in business. Professionals who work in business will appreciate the Clevo laptop.

Clevo is the laptop with the best display. They’re also extremely efficient in terms of battery performance and are suitable for long-distance travel or motion. The keyboards they offer are one of the most efficient keyboards you can find. They will let you work comfortably, whether to work on your computer or taking notes during class.

A Comprehensive Analysis of Clevo NH70 Specs

Display Size, Weight, Resolution, and Resolution

The display on this gorgeous gaming laptop measures 17.3 inches. It features matte effects and an impressive resolution of 3840×2160 resolution. Clevo NH70 thermal is famous for its vivid colors and HD images that are unique to any other game equipment. The laptop’s display is crystal clear and allows gamers to enjoy top-quality graphics because of its high-end graphics card.

Gamers might find it difficult to debate the weight. Clevo’s Clevo metal weighs about 2.5 kilograms which is 4.58 pounds. It is therefore more heavy than other gaming equipment. This is the reason why it’s the ClevoNH70 isn’t considered to be the top gaming device for mobile devices due to its weight being comparable to other models.

Time to recharge and charge the battery

This laptop comes very powerful and has an internal battery that is 14.4V 3275mAh, which is a great thing, but it’s not the most efficient for a laptop that’s brand new at this price. The battery’s life span is between 3.5 to 4 hours. Users must make sure that the battery is hooked up to a power source, unlike the other gaming laptops on the market at present.

This is the best choice for games that last for a long time. However, it’s not the most ideal choice. You might want to consider different gaming laptops.

Processor and Performer is used in a variety of Games

The Clevo-NH70 gaming device is powered by an Intel the ninth generation Core i7 processor that allows gamers to play with ease. Gaming enthusiasts won’t face any issues using memory-intensive programs. The battery’s long life allows it to power the powerful processor for extended durations of time. Installing modern games is simple.

Clevo Nh70 metal’s powerful processing power Clevo Nh70 metal allows gamers to complete many tasks while playing, including streaming games online and playing with no loss of performance.

Storage Options

It’s an NH70 model from Clevo that has a variety of storage options available for users who have PCIe slot. Users can receive up to 1TB of storage with the use of an SATA HDD or SSD based on the requirements of your game. Thus storage options can provide a seamless gaming experience for players who don’t have to sacrifice performance.

Sound Quality

This laptop is an ideal gaming laptop.

The most effective notebook audio and video can provide an unforgettable experience for the person who is looking for the most enjoyable enjoyment. If your choice is to purchase an ultra-high-end gaming laptop that comes with powerful speakers as with a top audio system, then the Clevo the NH70 model with thermal features would be the ideal choice.

Keyboard as well as TouchPad

Your mood or the music you are listening to can influence the way your keyboard’s colors change.

The keyboard that has backlighting is great and certainly enhances gaming experience as well as playing with friends.

The Clevo’s touchscreen is extremely responsive and comfortable.

Warranty Claims

We look over the warranty as well as statements. Clevo NH70 Metal comes with a guarantee of one year that covers manufacturing defects and equipment that aren’t caused by the user. This covers broken keyboards and monitors as well internal malfunctions of the component. The warranty covers the product as well as the repair work. There’s nothing to stress if you encounter any problems with the machine.

User Targeted

The main target buyers for Clevo NH70 manufacturers gamers who require a laptop that has an extremely powerful processor for an enjoyable gameplay performance. It isn’t an gaming laptop that can be purchased at various stores however, it is a solid gaming machine designed to perform at a high-end degree. This is the Clevo Laptops are adored by gamers, and this laptop isn’t an the exception.

If you’re an avid player and need a top notebook or laptop that is suitable for your gaming requirements, the Clevo NH70 metal is the best option to consider! Ch

Clevo NH70 Laptop Pros and Clevo

This is the ultimate list of advantages and disadvantages of the Clevo laptop. It will allow you to determine if you’d rather invest your money into this top-of-the-line gaming laptop or another model that’s popular.

High Quality Image and Pixel DensityThis laptop by Clevo costs a lot with these specs.
It’s the perfect choice for gaming that requires high-end performance due to its GTX 1650 GPU.The battery duration of 3.5 is very disappointing.
The 9th generation Intel Processor guarantees a smooth gaming experience with this latest laptop.Clevo Laptop Clevo Laptop does not include the webcam which most laptops within this category don’t have.
A keyboard that has backlighting and color changing features to make your life more enjoyable.It’s an abbreviation of HTML0. Clevo Gaming laptops that weigh heavier in comparison with other laptops.
is ideal for players seeking intense, high-end not the ideal choice for office or home work.


Which country made Clevo’s Clevo notebook NH70?

This is the Clevo laptop made by a Taiwanese company.

What price is the Clevo Clevo NH70 Laptop?

Clevo NH70 costs around $1000, which is reasonable for gaming laptops.

Who do Clevo created laptops for?

Laptops are for gamers as well as those who require computers for playing extreme games.

Is Clevo NH70 good?

Clevo is a great option if your primary purpose of buying it is for intense gaming or to perform work.

What are the most important attributes that Clevo’s NH70?

Its striking display, top-quality sound and the 9th generation core processor makes it distinguish itself from other laptops with regard to offering an unparalleled gaming experience.

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A Clevo NH70 gaming laptop with high-resolution screens, a quick processor, and a high performance display is the most suitable choice. It all depends on what you want to do using your laptop and the things you value most.

If you’re looking for a laptop to work from or to work from home however, you don’t want to play games, this laptop might not be the ideal option. If, nevertheless, you’re hoping to games that require lots of memory on a large screen with an longer battery life, then the Clevo NH70 gaming laptop might be an excellent choice, even with the price that is way higher than the average.


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