Commercial Door Systems: Types and Benefits of Each Type

Commercial Door Systems

The benefits of a commercial door system include a number of factors. High-speed roll-up doors meet strict health codes, for example, a steel entry door provides a solid, rigid barrier. Hollow metal doors, meanwhile, are energy efficient. Also, commercial keypad door locks can be programmed to work with smartphones.

Let’s now look at the different types of commercial door systems and their functions.

High-speed Roll-up Doors that Meet Strict Health Code Standards

High-speed roll-up commercial doors meet a variety of health code standards, including those related to air quality. The doors are insulated, which means that they reduce the amount of heat and air leakage in buildings. In addition, they can help increase the security of a building and reduce its energy bill.

Many state governments have adopted the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) 2012, which has significantly reduced the air leakage rate of exterior doors. The code requires roll-up doors to meet strict performance standards set forth by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC).

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Hollow Metal Doors that are Energy-efficient

Hollow metal commercial doors have many benefits, including being energy-efficient and durable. They don’t dent or rust and are easier to clean. They’re also lighter and easier to transport. They don’t obstruct the view of visitors, so they’re quieter when opened and closed. And since they’re energy-efficient, they can save you money on energy costs. You can add insulation to the core of the door to make it even more energy-efficient.

Hollow metal doors come in several different types. Some have polystyrene foam cores, while others have cardboard or honeycomb cores. The R-value of these doors determines how well they resist heat transfer. Doors with high R values will prevent heat transfer.

Steel Entry Doors to Provide a Rigid Barrier

Steel entry doors provide a rigid barrier between the exterior and interior of the building. They are hardy, durable, and secure. In addition, they are a single unit, providing maximum protection for the building. Steel entry doors are commonly used in commercial buildings, while fiberglass and wood entry doors are also popular among residential customers.

Steel entry doors are also energy-efficient. They do not require much maintenance and can be an excellent option for a variety of applications. Modern steel doors are available in different styles, colors, and materials, and many of them can include glass inserts. Additionally, most commercial steel doors are recyclable and strong enough to withstand harsh environments.

Commercial Keypad Door Locks that are Compatible with Smartphones

Smart keypad door locks pair with a mobile app, which enables users to unlock and lock the door from their phones. This feature gives tenants and guests the ability to manage access to their buildings wherever they are, even while they’re away from their offices. Some smart keypad door locks also have a camera that snaps pictures of unauthorized users, which can help identify them and prevent theft.

Commercial keypad door locks are designed to eliminate the need for physical keys. They can be programmed with a single PIN code for every user or can accept several PIN codes for different users. These types of door locks are popular in buildings that require heightened security. In case you do not have such door systems, then the second best thing is to get a solid safe from American security.

High-performance Doors that are Future-Proof

High-performance commercial doors are designed to last a long time. Designed and engineered to meet exacting specifications, these steel doors are the ultimate in durability, performance, and energy efficiency. In addition to their high performance, these doors also have an attractive appearance.

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