Decor Your Room With Corner Fireplace

Corner Fireplace

Corner fireplaces provide more benefits than just heat and light by using underused space, opening up a floor layout, and providing a focal point. Need more space but still want the warm and inviting focal point of a fireplace?

When you use the often-wasted space in a room’s corner, a large and massive fireplace may become very small. A well-fitted fireplace in a corner not only efficiently heats a whole area but also expands the floor layout. With these smart designs, you’ll be inspired to install a corner fireplace in your own house.

Outdoors. Do you have a four-season room or lanai that might use some warmth? Install a fireplace in a corner to provide immediate visual appeal to a small or big outdoor space.

Suggestion: Build a raised hearth beneath your fireplace opening for additional sitting when entertaining.

Storage. Make your area more interesting by surrounding your fireplace with bookshelves, as shown in this living room. This is an excellent method to combine storage into a visually appealing focal point.

Suggestion: Extend your mantel into the shelves for more storage and a unified design feature.

Integrated. Consider completely encircling your fireplace with your new handmade entertainment center. This fireplace is incorporated straight into the neighboring cabinets, giving the entire center the appearance of being an essential element of the area.

Suggestion: Maintain consistency in the design of your built-in for a genuinely unified aesthetic. Glass doors above the mantel would have made this fireplace look even more natural.

From floor to ceiling. Do you have a nook in your home that appears to be unused space? Build a fireplace from one wall to the other, as seen below.

Suggestion: By excluding the floor hearth or raised hearth, as seen in this image, your fireplace will become more aesthetically beautiful and less participatory.

Freestanding. Do you like the aesthetic of a standalone unit but don’t want it to interfere with your floor plan? Try on a little fireplace unit to see how it fits. These simple pieces may be put in a corner to warm up a space.

Suggestion: When installing a standalone model, don’t limit yourself to the standard black. Choose an accent hue that is already in your interior design to represent yourself.

Saves space. If you have a smaller house or condo that may benefit from an extra-cozy aspect, include a tiny electric fireplace into a corner cabinet or custom-made item.

Suggestion: Extend the visibility of the fireplace by placing it at eye level.

A room divider. A fireplace does not require a corner formed by two walls. This artistic fireplace is situated in an open area of the living room and serves as a room divider between the living room and the neighboring kitchen – genius!

Suggestion: By placing your fireplace in an open location like this, you may enjoy it from other rooms.

Camouflage. While done correctly, you may virtually make your fireplace blend into the décor of the space when it’s not in use. The horizontal striping of the wood flows flawlessly over this fireplace front, making it unnoticeable.

Suggestion: With a design like this, you’ll need to consider your city’s ordinances and regulations, since there are restrictions on how near combustible materials may be placed around the firebox hole.

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