Different ways to lock facebook profile


The social media platform Facebook has become a fundamental part of our lives and is good. Additionally, it may be utilized by unwanted humans to go looking at your Profile and download pictures or facts that can use to create fake money owed.

To decrease this, the social media big has these days delivered a brand new safety characteristic referred to as Facebook Profile Lock. The safety characteristic allows customers to have extra management over their profiles and hold a check on who can view their profiles. The function is, in reality, beneficial for individuals who need to preserve their Profile comfy from strangers or stalkers.

To know more, check on how to lock your Facebook profile.

Facebook’s new protection characteristic restricts undesirable traffic access on your Profile, which is not for your friends’ listing. Once you lock your Profile, different folks who are not at the buddies’ listing will now. They can no longer able to download profile images and cover images as properly. The function also restricts human beings from seeing testimonies to your man or woman profile. The Facebook Lock Profile characteristic modifications your preceding posts that were shared formerly for your timeline from Public to buddies most effective. The timeline compare and tag evaluate also get became on the publish. Other users may also even take your permission to tag you on their posts. Users see only a small part of the About Section. What takes place at the same time as you lock your Facebook profile? Once you lock your Facebook profile, Only the people on your buddies’ list can be able to see the subsequent. – Your Photos and timeline postings.

  • Your cover photo or any massive profile picture for your Profile.
  • All Your recollections.
  • Do you bring any new pix and posts on FB?
  • Any post you could have shared with the majority within and beyond will now be shared with buddies most effectively.
  • You may also have a Timeline overview and tag evaluation.
  • If someone not out of your pal’s listing visits your Profile, they’ll be capable of seeing only a small piece of the About.


Different Android software permits you to, without problems lock your Profile without undesirable site visitors. Here’s a step-by means of the use of-step guide on how you could lock your Facebook profile.

1. First, open the Facebook app and faucet in your Profile.

  1. Next, open the 3-dot menu next to the ‘Add to Story’ section.
  2. You can see the ‘Lock Profile’ choice right here.
  3. Tap on it, and it will take you to the Lock FB Profile web page.
  4. Five. Just click on on at the ‘Lock Your Profile button to verify.
  5. With this easy method, may lock your FB profile. You will constantly have the choice to free up it whenever you need to read this.


iOS clients can also easily lock their profiles from undesirable website traffic. Here’s a step-by-step manual on how to lock your Facebook profile.

1. First, Tap the three lines within the backside right of Facebook,

  1. Then you need to tap to your call.
  2. Tap on the three dots which are underneath your name in the app.
  3. Four. Then, Tap on the Lock Profile choice.
  4. Five. Finally, click at the Lock Your Profile opportunity once more to verify.


users can also lock their Facebook profile by going to Facebook from a computer browser. Here are the steps to fasten your Facebook profile through a computing tool.

1. First, type fb.Com into your browser and log into your FB account.

  1. Click on your Profile to open it.
  2. Then visit the three-dot menu, and tap on it to visit the Lock Profile choice.
  3.  You will see a pop-up message showing how locking your profile works.
  4.  You can be capable of seeing the Lock Your Profile button at the lowest of the net page.


You can constantly lose up your Facebook Profile each time you pick to. Here are the smooth steps to unencumber your Facebook profile. 1. First, visit the Facebook software program for your mobile or fb.Com in your computer browser.

  1. Next, click on your Profile segment and tap the 3-dot menu.
  2. Three. You will see the Unlock Profile choice.
  3.  Click on it, and you can see a pop-up message.
  4. Click on it to Unlock Profile.

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