Discover the hairstyles that will be trending in 2022

Discover the hairstyles that will be trending in 2022

New Year, new stage. And what better than to start a new phase with a change in hair style. Releasing a haircut changes our entire image, and is ideal for the beginning of something.

And although it is sometimes difficult to choose the ideal haircut for us specially curtain bangs styles, here we give you some help with the hair styles that will be a trend this 2022.

According to the catwalks of the Fashion Weeks, the main hair professionals and the famous ones, we can know what the new hair trends will be. We have seen what is to come in 2021 2022 in terms of haircuts for all lengths and textures and we like what we see.

Bob cut

We are talking about a minimalist style that allows you, in the morning, to wash your face and go to work or study. It doesn’t cut with too many layers, and it works great for fine hair. Some women are wearing it at the height of their ears, but you can always go for the classic chin length. For a more modern look, it is recommended that you wear it parted in the middle.

Half mane Lob

Unsurprisingly, the lob, another of the most popular haircuts of all time, is phasing out, and we get it, maybe its time has passed. However, many women still love its perfect length. You can give it a more modern touch, trying to make it look very natural and healthy, and adding long layers to get more volume and shape.

Contour or “contour”

Colombian model Helénia Melán chose this fashion trend. It is about lighting up the hair that contours the face.

Blunt bob

Short hair at chin length and without layers, but rather straight with a slight tip, will be a trend next year.

Mullet cut

This fashionable cut in the 80s, gives a daring and rock look to the face. It’s about cutting messy bangs. And cutting hair with unevenness that makes it look “rebellious.”. At the top it is left very short, taking it a little longer only on the nape of the neck.


For a long time straight hair was on the throne of the elect. Now crazy and curly hair is back in fashion. Nothing better than looking beautiful and imposing with well defined curls.

Graduate bob

This trend, which has become very fashionable among women over 40, is a very comfortable style. It is a short cut at the height of the pear or a little lower in front. Which begins to shorten more and more towards the back in a straight line. Exposing the nape of the neck.

Short pixie hair

Short hair has been more fashionable than ever for several seasons, and the pixie is one of the possibilities. Trends are re-emerging that make it even more attractive.

Long Pixie

The super short pixie cut is becoming less popular than in previous years. It was started to be worn a bit longer. Allowing you to add texture if you have wavy or curly hair or create an elegant and refined look if you have straight hair. Keep the front section of the bangs to the side for a more flattering face frame.


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