Effective Steps To Hiring And Promoting Strong Leaders


Finding and promoting the right people to critical positions in a company is highly challenging. The standard approaches used by most HRs do not produce the desired results. An effective leader is ideal for a company. He will complete the project on time and will allow the employer to save on quality work done. What should an employer do when a manager is needed right now? The suggested leader selection method below consists of four steps:

Drawing up a list of goals

This does not mean job description but professional qualities and expected results. Such a document gives a clear idea of ​​what is required of an employee in a new position. The main section in five to six sentences explains why the job was created. They should be articulated and understandable to you and the candidate leaders, the main members of your team, and employees of the HR department. A clear indication of the goal will allow you to select specialists dedicated to solving exactly the problems for which you are hiring them. That is why goal sheets are individual and must be constantly updated and revised, considering the changing situation.

Creating a database of the best candidates

This is a systematic search for suitable resumes before a vacancy arises that needs to be filled urgently. We form a database of candidates, and the overall efficiency of the work depends on how it is organized. It depends on the time we spend working with our base. We must strive to quickly find already worked applicants, form a stop list, avoid duplicating candidates over time, and minimize recruiting costs. This can be accomplished by using PEO and employer of record services to help you hire executives and deal with taxes, benefits, insurance, visa applications, etc. The service will help you create a natural “talent pool” – a list of employees with growth potential. It can be made to more precisely allocate resources for training and retraining of specialists. And in the end, we grow up leaders ourselves according to our own needs.


This is a series of logically structured interviews that make it possible to compare the actual qualities of the leaders with the “list of goals” and make a well-thought-out decision. Of all the books on how to hire a good employee, 80-90% are about interviewing. This is one of the critical elements of recruiting, but its importance should not be exaggerated. I believe that the stages of preparation and verification of recommendations are much more important for the correct result.

The first interview is preliminary. It serves to screen knowingly inappropriate people. Do not hang out at the selection interview stage, do not look for hidden advantages in people. When there are two to five candidates left, you can move on to the next step.

The second interview is qualifying. There are more questions there, and they are more detailed and aimed at studying a previous career. During this interview, the candidate’s compliance with the corporate culture is revealed.


The goal is to convince the selected Class “A” candidate that he needs to work for you. Now you need to lure the ideal leader, chosen in the previous step, into your company. We advise you to give the leader whatever he wants, as he is so cool and suitable: Interesting tasks, clear goals, decent remuneration, an entire delegation of authority, and trust will help attract the best of the best even if you are not ready to offer them a multi-year career with the company.

Final word

A leader must be able to manage a team and solve complex problems. He must take responsibility and not be afraid to take risks. Finding a professional leader is incredibly difficult. That’s a fact. The problem is both in the shortage of candidates and in the changing modern realities: the deteriorating economic situation and technological breakthrough dictate new requirements for top managers. And if you want the leader to work with you for a long time and treat your company as his own business, as an owner, and not as a hired manager, reward him and motivate him properly.

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