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The Pakistani fashion industry is the most rapid growth industry right now. The fashion names of Pakistan are known and the dresses are worn all around the world. People from all over the world look for and search for Pakistani dresses that are suitable and compliments their styles and comfort zones. An outfit has to be comfortable and in style for you to wear it and love yourself in it. Pakistani dresses always show the rich culture and authenticity that the country has.

Pakistani Bridal dresses are something that brides all over the world have their eyes on. The designers like Mohsin Naveed Ranjha, Lajwanti, Souchaj, Faiza Saqlain, Ali Xeeshan, HSY, Zuria Dor, Hussain Rehar, Zara Shahjahan, Elan, Haris Shakeel, Nilofer Shahid, Kanwal Malik, Bisma Akbar, Bisma Kayani, Saira Shakira, Saira Rizwan, Sarah Rohale Asghar, Mahgul, Shakeelz by danish, Shakeelz by owais sikander, Waqas Shah, Zainab Salman, Shiza Hassan, Tena Durrani, Zain Hashmi and others – these are the few names in Pakistani bridal wear that is on top list of every bride when they search for their dream looks.

The designers and brands always focus on creating bridal dresses that compliments the modernism and vintage touch and combines them in outfits in such a way that the outfits become so intricate and fascinating that every bride has their eye on them. It was an old shopping method when you would search markets and tailors to get your perfect and dream bridal look but now the designers and brands have done that for you.

They make the perfect Pakistani bridal dresses for you as per your budget, your color choice, your customizations, your choice of work quantity on the outfits. From light and affordable mayoun and dholki outfits that will make you look the prettiest and simple bride for such enjoyable events where you just want to enjoy the time you have with your family – they are all available at LAAM. A platform which provides 350+ brands at one platform and gives you the opportunity to choose outfits from brands and designers that are nominated in style awards due to their unique and haute couture forms.

LAAM provides you the independence to choose your bridal dresses as per your budget, your event date and your color choice etc. For each event from dua e khair to walima, LAAM has each collection for you. Every collection of bridal dresses at LAAM has over 50+ outfits that you can choose from.

A Pakistani bridal dress is not hard to find now because of LAAM. A bridal mehendi outfit which has orange, green, yellow, pink, purple, magenta and plum etc colors have their separate collections at LAAM as per your budget. From unstitched to stitched, all are available. If your budget is from 40k to 100k for your small events, LAAM has them for you.

Heavy barat bridal dresses which uses work techniques like kora dabka, zari, tilla, hand embroidery, hand embellishments, adda work, stone work, stone spray work which is used with british laces and fabrics like organza, korean raw silk, indian raw silk, tissue, chiffon and pure jamawar and pure raw silk including velvet and pure georgette.

These work techniques are used in creating the perfect Pakistani bridal dress which will complete your dream look and also will be as per your budget. Walima/reception looks are also available at LAAM with over 200+ designs to choose from. If you want to be an all white bride and want to walk down the aisle looking nothing less than a disney princess then trust us, LAAM is the place for you.

The fashion consultants at LAAM will make sure your outfits are made as per your budget and as per the way you like them, chat with them and explain your look and let them do their magic. LAAM has after wedding outfits for you as well which is a must have for all the brides to wear on all the dawats and weddings as a new bride.

If you are a lover of Pakistani bridal dresses like us, then LAAM is the place for you. You are just one click away from finding the perfect bridal dress for you!


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