It’s real-time

It’s no coincidence that SMS support is one of the most popular methods of customer service. SMS can be used to manage customer relations in a variety of ways, including requesting feedback, receiving support, sending reminders, and more.

It gets everywhere

Although it may appear strange, this term is more than appropriate. SMS is truly omnipresent thanks to its supporting devices: the smartphone is the everyday accessory that many consider to be “the true piece of proximity technology” that we always have on hand, similar to our wallet or house keys.

It’s versatile

The customer journey is made up of moments and touch points, which are different aspects of the business relationship with the customer.

We can see from the diagram how SMS can cultivate all touch points through targeted communication. Text messages and email both have a sense of completion.

It can be personalized

This feature has two aspects: one is aimed at brands, who can personalize the messages and make them more recognizable by using a text alias to replace the phone number; and the other is aimed at recipients, who can customize the SMS based on each contact’s activities, interests, and personal information thanks to segmentation features and dynamic fields.

It’s integrated

This is a critical resource for establishing an exchange of customer information and data by connecting various technologies and establishing a digital ecosystem.

Email, which complements text messages, is the best SMS campaign partner within a digital strategy.

It’s automatic

There are only a few brands that use it or are familiar enough with it. It is technology that enables you to have an automatic workflow of emails, SMS, and other communications: not only does it save time and make the flow of communications independent, but it also allows you to create relevant and targeted campaigns, automatically gearing content and messages in line with the recipient’s personal information, interests, and behavior based on previous communications.

It’s fully traceable

Anyone sending an SMS can access detailed information about delivery and failed delivery percentages, as well as openings such as clicks on links in the message, not only by campaign but also by recipient.

It can be expanded

Aside from the ability to link messages, landing pages, as previously mentioned, are an important resource for SMS, where customers can read about products, innovations, services, and communications that are introduced in the 160 characters of the SMS.

It has a high return on investment 

SMS Marketing has one of the highest ROIs in the field of digital marketing. Leaving aside the numbers and percentages that circulate on the internet which are frequently unreliable or out of date.

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About the Author- Gaurav is a digital marketing trainer and writer with many years of experience in the field. He often writes guest posts for DelhiCourses, an institute known for its digital marketing course in Delhi.


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