Find out what makes a braided solo loop Apple watch band so special


Apple watches are fantastic and do much more than show the time. You can send messages, track your heart rate, count your daily steps, use it for navigation, stream songs, access emergency services, and monitor your workouts. It is a smartwatch worth its name.

But despite its incredible functions, appearance, durability, and quality, Apple watches have one major drawback: their bands. Most users of these watches complain of straps sliding off their wrists, causing skin irritation, constantly wiggling, and falling to click in smoothly every time.

You can avoid these inconveniences by buying a braided solo loop band that wraps perfectly around your wrist. Its design will win you over at first glance and enhance your Apple watch’s appearance. If you feel uncomfortable using your existing band, you should replace it with this one soon.

However, if you have never used these bands before, here is some information you will find helpful while buying them. For example, what material is it made from, what available color options, and with which Apple watch models is it compatible?

What type of material is used?

Solo loop bands are made from woven nylon, one of the most comfortable fabrics. Since nylon is highly durable, your strap will last long without damage.

What makes it so comfortable?

The band contains a single loop, making it easy to wrap it around your wrist and take it off. Since there are no spring bars or screwed attachments, you won’t find difficulty adjusting it.

Why is it called a braided loop band?

As mentioned above, the band contains a single loop braided to the very top and then secured with a metal adapter (pins that hold the band together). Not only does this increase the band’s lifespan, but it also minimizes its chances of falling apart despite repeated use.

Is it washable?

You will need to clean the band after repeated uses because of the build-up of dirt, grime, sweat, and bacteria. The band is washable and will not face any damage during the washing process. However, you should remember to use only cold water since hot water can compromise the quality of the fabric.

In which sizes is it available?

The single loop band is available in various sizes, including small, medium, large and extra large. It fits perfectly with different Apple Watch sizes and is comptible with all watches within the Series 1 to 8, Ultra, and SE.

Before selecting a band, you should check the model of your Apple watch. To check its model, check the back side’s engraving mentioning its model and size. You can also use a wrist measuring tool or refer to a sizing chart to find a band of a suitable size.

Which colors can you choose from?

One of the best parts about these loops is the variety of colors in which they are available. You can choose from blue, olive green, starlight, charcoal black, pride, red and pink.

Before choosing a color, you should ensure that it sits well or matches the color of your protective case. You will get the best results by having the same colors, for example, a black protective case covered with a black band.

A braided solo loop band woven from nylon is durable, washable, attractive, and comfortable on the skin. These loops are available in various colors and sizes, making finding one to your liking quite convenient.

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