In today’s world, video games play a major role in the entertainment industry as from toddlers to older people everyone likes to play video games. There are millions of online stores where you can find video games, but of all Forbuygames act as a wholesale game distributor globally.  

What are digital keys?

The digital keys play a prominent role in video games as they are nothing but alphanumeric code. It will allow you to download the games and other software, and when you purchase the game you will get the digital keys along with the game. These digital keys will have a specific number and using that you can play the game.   

The mission of Forbuygames:

Forbuygames started its service in 2017, and now they are on the list of worldwide digital games distribution companies. The company is offering a wide range of gaming products at a competitive price and the mission of the company is to increase its numbers of partners and also to develop new partners.  Forbuygames is having a good reputation as they offer the best services as a wholesale game distributor. 

Wholesale game distributor – Forbuygames:

Forbuygames as a wholesale game distributor offers a big range of products and also they are focused on other kinds of CD keys like Steam, Origin, Rockstar Games, Epic Games, and Uplay. Now, they started selling more than 1,000,000 digital keys, and become the largest wholesale game distributor company in the country.  

List of clients:

Forbuy started their business as a retail game distributor but now they have moved to the B2B business and now as a wholesale game distributor they are selling products on their site and various other marketplaces. Forbuy maintains more than 200+ business partners and now they are looking for some new business partners to improve the business relations. 

Services offered:

Forbuy offers excellent service by delivering the video game which is wrapped in digital codes or digital keys. They are selling the digital codes at a global level and even they are helping other businesses to improve their turnover and profit margin using the digital products supplied by them. 

Order Quantity:

The minimum order quantity varies depending on the type of products we choose. If you bought the products in stock then the MOQ is 20 pieces and the products that need to be ordered from suppliers are 50 pieces. 

Payment options:

They offer a lot of options in the payment as you can make the payment through Bank Transfer, PayPal, and Transfer Wise. 

Guarantee offered:

All of the digital keys offered by Forbuy are 99.99% functional, and it will be rare if the keys show an error. Other than human errors, if you face any error you will full refund for the keys.  

Bottom Line:

Forbuygames is a marketplace where you can purchase all kinds of digital game products. If you are planning for a way to expand the list of suppliers then reach Forbuygames as they act as the best wholesale game distributor. Reach them as shortly as possible if you want to kick-start your company sales. 

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