Functions You Didn’t Know You Need for Your PDF


PDFs are a very portable and versatile document format as they are able to be opened on any device almost anywhere, without the limitations placed upon files that are created as MS Word or Google Docs. A PDF viewer can be downloaded onto any computer or mobile device that is able to run a Java program, and it makes each document easy to read and share.

In the past the functions of a PDF have been limited to reading them, but over the years there have been more and more functions added as new programs are created, allowing you to not only read a PDF from anywhere, but also to create, edit, print, and even write upon a PDF. There are now several things that you can do to change a PDF from anywhere, that you didn’t even know you needed to be able to do. An affordable PDF editor will allow you to create, sign, edit, fill in forms, delete or add pages, change pages, tag them for easy locating later, export them to emails or other programs, fill in and complete forms, highlight important facts and details, and even add a watermark or a stamp to protect your document.

Creating a PDF allows you to make a document knowing that whoever you need to share it to will be able to open it and read it easily. This can be completed with an affordable PDF editor such as PDF studio through either opening a new file and creating a PDF directly, or through scanning in an alternative document as a PDF, or even through converting a different file format into a PDF document.

Signing a document without needing to print it and scan it back in can save both time and money. This is a function of the PDF that was previously unavailable, but once you have discovered how fast and simple it can be, doing it any other way seems tedious and wasteful. This is also true for the ability to fill in forms online, without printing and then scanning or sending through regular mail. Being able to fill it out directly on the file and then email it back saves both time and money for applications, questionnaires, and others. You can download PDF editor software.

Editing a PDF can allow you to make changes on a work document, or adjust a personal document, before sending it to someone else or saving it. Flexibility of working together on projects and documents is greatly increased when you can edit a PDF allowing for people to work together across all platforms and operating systems. The ability to highlight also creates an easier way to manage and share information, keeping notes directly in the document, and you can stamp them to show you have read and approved any changes or details.

It is also advantageous to have the ability to change pages that are included in a PDF file or to delete unnecessary pages from it. This allows freedom to create just the right file and remove extra information or mistakes that are not needed, while ensuring that all necessary details are included. You can then tag them in a way that allows others to find the easily, or for you to relocate them later, and with an easy to use export function you can save them to a third party file storage or even send it in email to others who need it as well.


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