Give them a Hug from Afar! 10 Amazing Gifts for Your Long Distance Friend

Amazing Gifts

You love your best friend, even if they live thousands of miles away. You’ve been through thick and thin with each other, arguments, resolutions, fun and sad times. Just because you can’t be with each other IRL, doesn’t mean you can’t still celebrate the friendship to its fullest!

  1. “Why You’re My Bestie” Fill in Book. Part of having a deep friendship is creating keepsakes that commemorate the love! This book offers 100 prompts for funny, silly, serious, and heartfelt answers to get your far-away bestie feeling the warm and fuzzies.

  2. Bond Touch Vibrating Bracelets. Move that FitBit over and make room for Bond Touch. Designed for two people to wear and communicate via touch vibration and light, they are connected through an app and Bluetooth, making it possible to feel the love virtually anywhere. Choose from different color bands, customize the vibrations, and even see what the weather is like where your friend is right now.

  3. Visa Gift Card. Think gift cards are impersonal? Think again! Purchase a Visa gift card and upload your favorite picture of the two of you – doing your favorite thing! You can also include heartfelt text that will perk up their day. They’ll want to keep the card long after the funds are used.

  4. State Scented Candle. No sense conjures memories like the sense of smell. A state scented candle is a reminder of where you came from and what you loved about your home state. Buy one for yourself and one for your best friend. Because California boasts so many different geographies, there are two candles for this state. Southern California smells of floral, fruit, and vanilla, while the Northern California candle has more of a pure vanilla scent.

  5. Long Distance Friendship Pillows. This cute pillow can be customized to depict both you and your best friend’s physical likeness, as well as your names in trendy script text. It’s also sequined, so you can brush away the customized look to make way for a shimmery bronze look that will blend with any bestie décor!

  6. Friendship Lamps. Each of you set up your own lamp, and whenever you are thinking of the other person, you touch yours, to light theirs up. It doesn’t matter if they live across town or across the country. Every color of the rainbow is represented in this modern lamp, which emits a soft, ambient glow.

  7. Chatbook. There are lots of photo book options available online, and Chatbooks is definitely one of the easiest. Merely download the app, and create the 6×6 book right from your phone. It’s a great way to celebrate one particular event, a recent visit or times through the years. Customize it however you see fit, with silly snap pics, selfies or the hilarious pics that you’d never share with anyone else but her.

  8. Guardian Angel Keychain. This is a silver toned keychain that sports a gorgeous wing charm (to let your best friend know you’ve always got her back) and an initial charm, to make it exceptionally personalized. You can even choose to wear them as a bracelet or necklace instead.

  9. Customized Connection Calendar. A fun DIY project, download and print out one of the many free calendars available online. Decide ahead of time what days the two of you will connect over the phone or video chat. Make it a date by planning to watch your favorite movies together or listening to new songs by your favorite artists. Decorate the calendar with gel pens and stickers. Your best friend will love receiving this symbol of friendship in the mail every month!

  10. Make Your Own Chocolate Truffles Kit. If friendship had a taste, it would most definitely be chocolate. Send your friend this truffles kit and get one for yourself. Choose a date to whip up these decadent delights together.

  11. Trinket Dish. Everyone has bangles, rings, and other pieces of jewelry that get lost because they don’t have a proper home. Choose a trinket dish for your best friend that is inspiring and motivational.

  12. Pop Open Cards. This is a more elegant (and convenient) spin on writing post it notes to your loved one and leaving them on the mirror. These tiny cards will brighten your best friend’s spirit and they include space to write your own special note. Send them along whenever you send her a letter or gift in the mail!

Just because your best friend lives far away, it doesn’t mean that you can’t still love and appreciate one another. It’s all about the effort you both put in, and there are numerous ways to maintain that special connection until the two of you can see each other in real life again.


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