Why is Good Architectural Lighting Important for Your Space?

architectural lighting

Lighting plays a vital role in every architectural project. Whether it is a home, office, retail store, or any other facility, lighting impacts how visitors experience and understand the architecture. Suppose you enter a room finished with inviting lights, what will happen? You will instantly feel at ease. In contrast, if you enter a room with harsh or dull lighting, your mood will completely flip. Do you know why so? Good architectural lighting brings emotional value to architecture. It draws attention to textures, colours, and other design elements and enhances the way people perceive the architecture. No doubt, turning the interior of any structure into an architectural masterpiece can take a lot of work, but lighting can prove to be a solid enhancement.

How does lightning affect the design of your space?

The illusion of space with lighting design

The lighting you have at your place can significantly affect the space of a room. That said, the lighting of a space plays a vital role in the way people understand and experience the space. Effectively distributed light in an area makes it look brighter, spacious and more impressive. On the other hand, a room feels small and cramped without sufficient lighting.    If you want your room to appear larger, avoid using dark coloured shades or large opaque light fittings.

Improved flexibility with lighting design

Flexibility is another crucial benefit of having proper lighting in place. Setting the perfect mood for your space is now easy like never before. Thanks to the advancements in technology and lighting system. Now you have the lighting controls to control the intensity and set a mood at your facility. For example: being an owner of a restaurant, you can choose brighter lighting in the morning to help wake your customers while setting an intimate and relaxing mood during the evening. All that is possible with modern lighting fixtures.

Increase productivity with lighting design

This point is primarily for workspaces. Your office furniture affects the productivity of your employees, so does the lighting. Yes, you read it right! Poor lighting reduces employees’ productivity, whereas a well-illuminated room fills the space with enthusiasm and uplifts occupants’ mood; when a person’s mood is high, his productivity will increase.

Do you need professionals for architectural lighting?

Three fundamental aspects determine the lighting design of an architecture-

  • First is the ergonomics- the amount of lighting contributes to the way the area functions. Since the primary goal of any lighting plan is to provide proper illumination, the function is the key.
  • Next comes the aesthetics. The second most crucial aspect of a lighting plan is that it should be pleasing to the eyes. To ensure this, one needs to look for fixtures that are functional in performance and beautiful in appearance.
  • The final aspect of a lighting plan is efficiency. Once functional and aesthetic aspects are covered, the energy efficiency will determine the right solution for a space.

All three of these aspects need to be looked at in extensive detail, which is not a novice’s job. This is why it is always better to hire an Architectural lighting company, whether you are considering remodelling a home, office or any commercial building. A professional will have a better understanding of lighting systems and inside information you may need, and hence they would be able to put your entire lighting plan into place.


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