How to Choose the Right Gym Flooring for Your Business

gym flooring

Before purchasing a new gym floor, consider the type of activities that are likely to take place in the facility. The type of sport, activity, and amount of traffic will help you determine the right gym flooring for your space. While some gym floors are resistant to water and UV rays, others aren’t. You will need to consider your budget and any other factors to make an informed decision. The following tips will help you decide what kind of gym floor is best for your business.

Foam floors

Foam floors are very easy to install and are also relatively inexpensive. One major drawback is that foam floors do not provide adequate support for weights or heavy equipment. However, they are perfect for exercises that require a floor-based workout, such as deadlifts and stretching exercises. Rubber floors are also easy to clean and maintain, and they are also easy to match company or school colors. A thick gym flooring tiles are a great option for a gym that uses heavy equipment regularly.

Rubber Mats

Rubber mats are also popular for free-weights areas. Compared to traditional flooring, gym mats absorb impact and vibration. They are also anti-skid and have an open-air cell structure that dissipates sound and energy. If you have a gym with weights, consider investing in an impact protection slab made of EPDM rubber. This type of flooring will help prevent the floor from being damaged by dropped weights.

Regupol Activ floor mats

Another option for free-weight training is Regupol Activ floor mats. These are anti-skid and offer excellent traction. However, they lack cushioning, which can be detrimental for hard-core weight training or jump training. These mats cost less than $35 each and cover 24 square feet. You may want to opt for a higher-priced model that features an extra layer of protection. And remember to consider the type of gym equipment you will be using.

The material used for a gym floor is important, and it should be durable. Some materials are softer than others, while others are harder and can withstand higher levels of impact. It is important to consider the type of use and the location to determine the appropriate flooring for your gym. You may need to install a gym floor with a padded underlay if you plan on having your customers lift weights on the floor. If you do not have access to a professional installer, you should consider using a cheap vinyl flooring for your track areas.

Rubber gym flooring tiles

Rubber is the least expensive option for gym flooring, but it is not very durable. It is prone to wear out quickly and is very slippery when wet. Moreover, it is susceptible to damage from heavyweights. You must adhere it down with glue or tape in order to avoid damaging it. In case it does, you should opt for a rubber flooring that has an additional layer of traction to avoid any accidents. If you do not have this, it’s better to stick to a wooden floor.

Rubber gym floor tiles are also very durable and inexpensive. Depending on the brand and size, a set of 12 of these tiles can cover 48 square feet. These floor mats are also available in different colors. They can be cut according to your specifications and can be used for a gym’s flooring. For instance, you can get a black and gray rubber mat for your flooring at an inexpensive price. You can buy several different colors and patterns of these tiles.

Concrete flooring

Concrete is the least expensive flooring option, but it’s not the most durable. The cheapest gym floor options are cheaper and easy to lay. While you can find rubber matting for sale online, a thick rubber matting will last longer and protect your gym’s foundation. Unlike concrete, a vinyl flooring mat will not last as long as the gym’s equipment. In addition to being durable, this type of matting will also minimize noise.

Besides being durable, rubber gym flooring is also inexpensive. Its main disadvantage is that it will need regular cleaning, which will eventually lead to the formation of odors and bacteria. Therefore, it’s important to choose a gym flooring that will provide you with the most comfort. Fortunately, this type of flooring is highly resilient, and a single coat can last for years. Aside from being comfortable to the feet, rubber gym flooring is also easy to maintain and doesn’t attract dust like other surfaces.


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