How Much Does It Cost to Hire an iOS App Developer?


Several factors influence the cost of hiring dedicated Swift app developer. The state of the market is the most important aspect in determining the pricing of your project, followed by the geographical locations of the developers. The market competition, experiences and expertise, and other considerations shall hugely influence the pricing factor. The cost of developing an application can run anywhere from the price range between $2000 to $300,000. If your software is simplistic and wouldn’t invite a lot of complexity, essential characteristics, or functionality, the development time will be shorter. The price of the iOS application or Android App Development is lower since the price or cost of developing an Android or iOS app is determined by the amount of time consumed by production. However, the development costs will be higher if you want to create a high-quality app with numerous features.

The more features your software has, the more money it will cost to build. In spite of this, certain features are more costly than others. If you have a limited budget, you can hire developers from India or the Philippines, which will cost you about $30. Hiring developers from Australia shall cost you $50-150 per hour, while North America would cost you $120-250 hourly.

1. The USA

USA is the most important IT hub in the globe, and with good reason. Here are many IT giants like Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Microsoft. This is a highly-paid and prestigious profession for mobile app developers. The hourly rate for iOS developers is as follows:

  • Minimum $70 per hour
  • Average $90/hour
  • Maximum $150/hour

Android developers make slightly less than iOS developers.

  • Minimum $36,500/year, minimum $60/hour
  • Average $112 647/year or $75/hour
  • Maximum $163,000/year, or $120/hour

The average monthly charge for app development is $10,000 to $100,000 depending on the skill level, experience and location.

2. The United Kingdom

Mobile developers in the UK make less than those in the US but are still considered to be high-end worldwide. Here, iOS developers charge:

  • Minimum $30 per hour
  • Average $55/hour
  • Maximum $70/hour

Here are the rates for Android developers living in the UK

  • Minimum $25/hour
  • Average hourly rate: $45
  • Maximum $65/hour

3. Ukraine

Eastern Europe is known for having IT professionals with an adequate knowledge base, excellent communication skills in English and advanced programming abilities. Young talents in this region invest in mobile development education to make a career abroad or get hired remotely. Strong IT education is a hallmark of Ukraine. With more than 100,000 skilled software developers, it is one

of the most promising nations. Many global leaders, including Intel, Microsoft and Nokia, import software development services from Ukraine.

Mobile app development salaries in Ukraine are considerably lower than those in advanced countries. This is why many Ukrainian developers and firms work offshore. Hourly rates for iOS developers in Ukraine:

  • Minimum $15/hour
  • Average $30/hour
  • Maximum $55/hour

The following salaries for Android developers in Ukraine:

  • Minimum $12/hour
  • Average of $25/hour
  • Maximum $45/hour

Ukraine is a top destination for outsourcing due to its high quality and low price. Get powerful software developers from Ukraine to benefit your business.

4. Poland

Poland boasts a large number of IT professionals for all types of development. The local professionals are well-versed in modern technology and can offer their services at a reasonable price. Poland, along with Ukraine is a top IT outsourcing destination in Eastern Europe. However, mobile app development requires higher wages.

Average rates for iOS developers are:

  • Minimum $20/hour
  • Average hourly rate of $40
  • Maximum $60/hour

Android developers start at higher salaries. Android professionals receive smaller salaries on average.

  • Minimum $17 per hour
  • Average Hourly Rate: $35
  • Maximum $55/hour

5. India

India is the country most often thought of when you think about hiring outsourcing programmers. Indian freelancers dominated the market in the late 1990s and early 2000s with the lowest rates. Poor service quality has tarnished the reputation of Indian app developers. The nation boasts a much higher technical background. Although it offers good development services to foreign companies, it comes at a higher price. Glassdoor says that local salaries are lower than what IT professionals can make in outsourcing.

Hourly rate for iOS developer:

  • Minimum $12/hour
  • Average $17/hour
  • Maximum $25/hour Android developer salaries
  • Minimum $10/hour
  • Average $15/hour
  • Maximum $20/hour
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