How platform trolleys can help to manage your work effortlessly?

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A platform trolley is an essential part of the kit if you carry heavy items on a daily basis. Whether you’re moving stock, carrying office supplies or delivering goods, you need the right tools for the job.Poor manual handling is a major cause of accidents, injuries and inadequacies at work. Wouldn’t it be great if you could find a device that could improve safety and efficiency all at once? Well, now you can. Here’s how folding trolleys can improve the way your luggage moves.

It can help you to carry heavy goods safely

If you’re lifting, pushing or pulling heavy objects and you’re not doing it properly, you’re setting yourself up for injury. The folding trolley minimizes the need for bending or stretching when moving. Say hello to safe handling and say goodbye to back injuries, strains and sprains.

Platform trolley helps you to carry luggage more efficiently

Carrying heavy items without the proper equipment can be disabling. Does it take a long time to move a stock from one place to another? Does it require two people to operate whereas with the right trolley only one would be needed? The platform trolleysMelbourne is safe to load and easy to manoeuvre, so you can move more items in less time and with less effort.

It is lightweight and compact

When you are carrying heavy goods, you do not want the load of heavy and bulky trolleys to increase. Choose a folding trolley that is made of lightweight aluminium and you are ready to go. Its light-weight construction means it is easy to manoeuvre, but it works lightly to carry heavy loads. An additional advantage is that the folding trolley does not take up much space and is easily stored when not in use. This makes it an ideal all-rounder for workers like delivery drivers who often have less space in their vans.

Platform trolley: Safety First

A folding sack truck is an excellent addition to any business that does heavy loads every day. However, if they are going to save you from back pain, they should be safe to use. That’s why it’s important to maintain them well and do some pre-use checks;

  • Is the truck in good condition?
  • Are the wheels working and are they suitable for the type of surface on which you carry luggage?
  • If the truck has pneumatic wheels, are they sufficiently inflated? Flatter tires mean you need to use more force to move the truck,
  • Is the load capacity sufficient for the work you do?
  • When you load your luggage on the truck, is it stable?

Platform Trolley: Cost Effective Manual Handling Solution

A folding trolley is a real value for money when you consider how much it can improve efficiency in your business. If you are in charge of a busy warehouse or factory, you need to move more goods in less time. This trolley is the answer to your prayer. Not only that, it makes manual handling much safer, so it can save you money on sick pay and compensation payments.


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