How to Add Multiple Links to Your Instagram Bio?


While some of the services that allow changes in the Instagram Bio are paid, there are also services used free of charge. These services send a request for access approval to the Instagram account before it starts to be used. This creates a trust problem for many users. It is up to the users to use these services carefully. They give access if allowed. For use, you only need to confirm the add permission of the URL link. Along with the beautiful bio of your account, try to maintain the followers and likes of your account with BestFollowers.Uk.


Use of Link.Bio Service


There are paid and free versions of this service. By using this service, it is possible to add more than one URL to the Instagram profile. Users who want to use the service must register through the site. After the registration process is completed, they can log in to their Instagram account and add URLs. If the paid version is used, you will have the opportunity to add more than one URL. The free version only allows sharing a few links.


Use of Leadpages Service


One of the services that allow the use of more than one link in the Leadpges Service. It is a service with a useful feature using the drag and drop method. Effective and easy customization can be achieved by using this service on the Instagram account.


Using the Linktree Service


This service, which is among the most preferred, offers the opportunity to add 5 URLs. It offers the possibility of editing very quickly with its easy use. It offers multiple URL access opportunities over a single URL. One of its biggest features is that it shows the number of clicks to users.


You can register for free by visiting the service page. On the page that appears on the screen, a login is made with the user information. After the login processing has taken place, the URL insertion job can be done.


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Using the Link In Profile Service


Another service that allows users to upload links to their Instagram profiles is the Link In Profile Service. The feature that distinguishes this service from other services is the possibility to add access to links. Offer this opportunity as well, and the service provides more customized link sharing for users. Those who want to benefit from this service simply log in to the site and register with the register button.


Using the Audience tools Service


Finally, the service that can be used for Instagram users is Audience tools Service. This service, which allows users to create their web pages, is among the preferred ones with its feature of being a useful service that allows the creation of URLs. It offers the opportunity to share the web page link created with this easy-to-use service in the profile. Users can add links to their bios using the services that are suitable for them.




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