How to choose the best fabric kids tent for us? – Shopping guide


Notably, the products like kid’s tents have become one of the most popular toys among young children. Their popularity lies in the fact that they resemble traditional tents, in which kids can not only play, but also eat or even sleep.

Kid’s playhouses or kid’s tents serve a variety of purposes – they give them that nice feeling of having their own space, not to mention they are a warm place for them to play and hide. We ourselves can even lie down with our children to play with them and read stories.


As we have said, kids can use children’s cloth houses for a variety of different things. If we think about it a bit, it is the most effective way for them to have the impression that they are inside their own home. Our little ones can also consider it as a safe haven to hide and play.

Unfortunately some are simply superior to others or better suited to our needs or space limitations. With that being said, before buying one, you should consider the following aspects.


There are a wide variety of kid’s tents, this includes many sizes available. Therefore, it is essential that we take into account how much space we will need to install it in our children’s room. Before buying we must measure and find out the space we have to place the new acquisition.

Perhaps your children spend more time in the game room, or in the living room. In any case, we recommend that you buy a kids tents that is large enough to fit all the little ones in the house, even ourselves from time to time may want to enter it and play together.

DESIGN AND FEATURES of kid’s tents

A house for girls is not the same as a house for boys. Therefore, another aspect that we must consider is its design and characteristics.

Fortunately, most manufacturers do a very good job of creating designs that provide a fun environment for your kids to play. Because they can be installed virtually anywhere, they are frequently used indoors, although some can also be used outdoors.

It is also common to find them with vehicle designs, such as trains or buses. For girls, the most popular design is the princess castle, where pink and white are abundant.


The safety of one of these products can involve many different things. One of the first aspects to take into account is the material from which the kid’s tents are made.

For example, polyester is a fairly safe material for children to play with, since it does not cause allergies or any other type of condition. But beyond figuring out the type of fabric, it is also essential to make sure that the structure does not include sharp components. It will look quiet fashionable piece.

It is a good idea to choose a house with a non-slip floor so that children feel more comfortable and safe. In case it is built from a metal wire structure, make sure that said structure is perfectly covered.


If we want to make sure we choose the best option for our children, we must consider how easy it is to mount or install. In other words, consider whether the one you choose will require complicated setup.

This is an aspect more related to us that we will be in charge of assembling it. Although they look very simple in appearance, some require complex assembly.


It is highly recommended that we choose a kid’s tent that is easy to store. Depending on our current situation and where we plan to place it, we may want to take it apart and put it away at some point.

Once installed, they tend to take up a lot of space, so most of the time it is best to assemble them for children to play for a couple of hours, and then disassemble them for storage.

When it comes to storage, certain designs are superior to others. It would be much easier if it could be stored in a closet, under the bed or on a shelf, instead of taking up a lot of space on the floor.


Some playhouses are designed for indoor use only, while others can be used in both environments. The choice of one or the other will depend on where we plan to place it.

If we have decided to install it in our children’s room, obviously an indoor kid’s tent suits us. On the contrary, the little ones in the house tend to spend many hours in the patio or garden, the best option is an outdoor fabric house, resistant to the elements.


This is an aspect closely related to design and materials. In other words, if the design is very complex, we may have difficulties cleaning the interior. On the other hand, if the fabric is of poor quality, it may not withstand accidental spills.

We have to consider the fact that if we choose an outdoor playhouse; the fabric will come into contact with dust, grass, and dirt. And because children will bring food indoors, food scraps can become a problem.

Therefore, when we choose a cloth house for children, we must be sure that it allows us to clean it without any inconvenience.


It is a fact that children will want to play with it in different areas of the house. Therefore, to make it easier to move from your bedroom to the living room, or the backyard, it is best to choose a lightweight and portable house.


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