How to choose the right market for wholesale hair extensions?


Wholesale hair extensions include hair extensions (long pieces of hair that are attached to someone’s own hair to alter their hairstyle). As a result of their convenience and versatility, hair extensions have become increasingly popular.

Wholesale hair extensions are hair extensions sold in large quantities at low prices to hair resellers rather than to customers.

These are classified wholesale hair extensions divided into two categories: raw material wholesale hair extensions and non-raw material wholesale hair extensions:

  • Wholesale hair extensions from raw material areas imply that the vendor sources hair from the same country where it is sold.
  • Non-raw wholesale hair extensions means that the hair is not sourced from th place where it is sold. As a result, they must import from other countries to manufacture or resell.

Wholesale hair extensions made from raw materials will have more production value and price benefits. If anyone wants to start a business with hair, they should look for a supplier in the raw material region.

Types of Wholesale hair extension

Still, wondering about the wholesale hair extensions used? Keep reading. L learn more about these wholesale hair extensions. Based on the hair product they manufacture and divided this into two types of hair extensions.

  • There is a high demand for virgin hair extensions among wholesalers. Vietnam and India are the main raw material producers. Human hair is used in making virgin hair extensions. Thus, “virgin hair” refers to hair that have come from one donor. This is why the hair orientations are similar, and the fingernails are intact. Due to the ease of curling, bleaching, and dying virgin hair extensions, they are preferred by many hair extensions wholesalers; furthermore, the hair has never been chemically processed or coloured, ensuring that the hair retains the best qualities of being natural, long-lasting, and blending well with the hair owner.
  • Remy hair extensions: Hair extensions made from Remy hair are popular in countries with a shortage of raw materials. Remy’s hair is less costly than virgin hair. Furthermore, Remy’s hair is human, but it is not of the same quality as virgin hair due to the way it is collected and processed. Remy’s hair was created by combining hair from two or more people. This hair remains in good condition, but it isn’t as valuable as virgin hair.

Features of wholesale hair extensions in India

It is believed that India is the second largest market for wholesale hair extensions in Asia, after the Chinese wholesale hair extensions market.

It is believed that Indian hair extensions come from Hindu temples. There is no particular quality to Indian natural hair; it has a natural curl and sometimes can be quite curly; it has a natural tendency to curl up. Chinese wholesale hair extensions generally purchase Indian wholesale hair extensions for discretion since Indian wholesale hair extensions have lower levels of hair technique.

Hence, when looking for a country that offers wholesale hair extensions, there are many. China, India, Vietnam, and Nigeria are among them. In that regard, if someone wants to buy hair extensions at a great price with the shortest delivery time, they should go to India or China. If you need high quality at a reasonable price for a longer period of time, then it is usually a good idea to consider the Philippines or Vietnam.

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Google wholesale hair extensions to find reliable suppliers

As one of the best channels that can help you find the trusted wholesale hair extensions, Google is one of the best sources:

  • You can search for hair extensions on Google by searching for the kind you want to sell. Whenever you are searching for wholesale hair extensions, pay attention to the ones at the top of search engines. Choosing a reliable website is the key to ranking them high in search engines.
  • If you want to determine whether a wholesale hair extension provider is good, save your favourites, then read the reviews and feedback from customers about their products.

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