How to come up with innovative ways to make classes interesting?


We see that connecting via webcam isn’t always easy and it takes creativity to keep students’ brains stimulated most of the time. The use of School ERP can help the students to take the right kind of action. We see that in fact, teaching online requires them to use completely different skillsets compared to those used to teach in-person as well. We see that the home environment being surrounded by potential distractions when teachers are keeping students engaged, motivated, as well as interested in their lessons can be one of the biggest challenges online teachers face as well. If their students can see them via a webcam, make sure that not only do they look presentable but the location that they’re in does too. We see that a simple background works best to eliminate any distractions as well. We see that they aren’t just the first step as well. We know that if students can see their faces, it’s going to be 100 times more motivating for them if they look engaged as well as interested in what they are saying and even if sometimes this requires all your saintly teacher’s patience as well. We also see that their visual materials must be up to scratch. We see that they can make sure their slides look clean and clear and that any videos they use are of good quality as well. We see that the good news is, just like in any face-to-face classroom, the real key to getting their online students involved is to find out what inspires them as well as gives them a reason to be engaged in the classroom. We see that whether they’re teaching English online or they are a classroom teacher turned virtual, use the same mediums they would use in a real-life classroom. They can go around and turn up the fun by playing music or just go to town with the drawing tool as well. We see that they are not afraid to try different things with your students until they find something that works for them as well. We see that one simple way to introduce short-term goals into their online classroom is to make sure each lesson has a clear outline that they share with their student so they know where they are in the learning process as well as the context for any activity they are doing. They must also think about how they might reward students for finishing tasks (or, even better, they must go ahead and go for working hard) during a lesson. We see that they could try positive feedback, as well as badges, points, playing games, or doing other fun learning activities their students would like. We know that when it comes to long-term goals, going too far into the future might not be effective, but they must try taking time now and then check in with their students and set goals together for the next month, three months, or six months down the line as well. We see that for short-term progress checks, they can make sure they build continuity between lessons by doing quick revisions or quizzes on previous topics. We see that a great way to remind students of their long-term progress is by building up a portfolio of work with them so they can look back at themselves as well as see how far they’ve come. We know that one way of doing this online is to start an achievement page as well. We see that if they are teaching kids, every time they achieve something, they can go to the achievement page as well as ask them to draw something that reminds them of what they’ve learned (we see that they might want to make it an achievement tree they can add to or a trophy shelf as well.) We are aware that teens or adult learners, might prefer asking them to write something as well. The school information management system can be helpful as well. We see that in a face-to-face class, it’s typical to give students some quiet reflection time to work alone or read a text as well.

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