How to get the best transitional look for your homes?

transitional look for your homes
transitional look for your homes

The transitional design has taken the design scene by storm across the globe. And this is a design language that is unlike any other. Transitional design language doesn’t take inspiration from a specific period of time or era, instead, it picks up bits and pieces from other design styles like modern, contemporary or traditional. And this is the exact quality that sets this design style apart from the crowd. 

Transitional design basically emphasizes the reinvention of old and classical styles using modern elements to stay relevant and also increase usability. Apart from making the designs practical, the transitional design also adds an unmatched aesthetic value to your living space. The reason why transitional design is doing well in the industry is that traditional design now seems too impractical and austere to many people while the contemporary seems too bland sometimes and lacks that charm and the modern design is too focussed on lines and minimalism. Transitional design becomes extremely practical because it draws a balance between all the other design languages and you could say that this design takes the best from each design language. Now, take a quick look at all the things you have to get right to get a perfect transitional design to grace your homes. 

  1. Choosing the colour palette

Transitional design mainly focuses on one shade that will dominate the entire setting of the room. And the preferred hues that sit quite well with the transitional design include warm creams, tans and beige. You are free to add over three to five tones on the top of the main colour to instil depth in your living space. Additional colours can also be included as long as they are variants of the primary colour. You can go with lighting fixtures according and choose the ones that specifically boast a single hue complementing the theme of your home. 

  1. Design 

Your goal is to create a timeless space that boasts warmth and also flaunts modern elements. You can choose to ignore the lines or if you’re particularly inclined towards the modern design style, then go with lighting designs that have a good mix of curves and straight lines. You need to make sure that the design isn’t too loud and it blends into the existing decor easily.

  1. Complimenting the design with home decor

Since transitional design uses a good amount of modern and contemporary, you can go with modern sculptures to add an unmatched touch of opulence to your homes. Marble, metal, glass are some of the best elements you can go for while choosing the home decor. Additionally, you can choose elements that have a velvet, wood, rattan or corduroy finish. 

Choosing the right lighting fixtures to complement the theme

The key motive behind adopting the transitional design is choosing function over form. So pendant lights and ceiling lights become a must as they usually boast clear lines and a practical design that can add elegance to your homes. Use wall lights, table lamps and floor lamps to accentuate the general lighting of your home to further complement the transitional theme.

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