How to install Free SSL certificate for Godaddy WordPress website and Shared hosting.

 SSL certificate Hey everyone welcome back to another

tutorial and today I will quickly show

you how you can get rid of this error. so

if you are trying to access your website

over this HTTPS your Chrome the chrome

or any other browser will show you this

warning that it is not secure. your

connection is not private and this can

this can prevent visitors from accessing

your website your customers will not be

able to access your website and showing

this error is a major problem. so I will

quickly show you how you can install a

SSL certificate and get rid of the setup.

so let's go back to the GoDaddy

dashboard and if you asked the GoDaddy

customer support they will offer your

paid solution. today I will teach you

how you can get the SSL certificate come

for completely free so go to the GoDaddy

dashboard and click on the cPanel admin

button this will take you to the cPanel

account and now what you have to do is

go to this website SSL for free com you

can find the updated information and all

the links in the description so please

make sure to check the description

before you do anything so now would you

what we need a certificate as for a lot

of domains all these domains so what I

will what we will do is generate a wild

kite wildcard certificate create star

dot your domain name like for me it's

one show dot web site and then click on

create free SSL certificate and then it

will ask you to sign up just enter your

email and email and password it's

completely free so you don't have to be

anything ok so once you sign up it will

show you this options um unselect it and

it will show you for those domains and

then click on next step and then it will

show you this option for 90 days ok then

click on again next step

and again here click on next and then

select the free option and then click on

next yeah so it it will show you that

your certificate has been created and is

ready for domain verification so there

it will show you multiple ways to verify

your domain so what you can do is I will

select this method HTTP file upload and

this will should use this download your

file download this file and now let's go

back to the cPanel scroll up and from

here go to open the Home tab on open the

home page in a new tab and from here go

to file manager and then go to the

public HTML directory and what you have

to do is create a new folder you can see

the folder name from you upload the

authorize authorization file to this

folder so if we do that make sure that

go to settings and from here take this

option show hidden files then click on

save and you can see all the hidden

files also so now let's create this

folder dot well dot slash known so let's

click this button plus folder and then

paste the directory name here then click

on create new folder and you will see

the newly created folder just

double-click to enter it and then here

we have to create another folder named

PKI validation just copy the exact name

from here and then again go to the plus

folder button paste the directory name

remove the slash and then click on

create new folder

and then double-click to enter it now

upload this file

authentication pipe we just downloaded

here so to do so click on upload and

from here just drag and drop the file

you just download it and once the float

is complete click on go back and so this

is we have successfully uploaded into

fine and now let's go back to this a

page let's see if we can access that

file here click on this link and make

sure that you are able to see this text

here then again go back to the verify

domain page and then click on next step

and it will show you congratulation your

SSL certificate is on route however you

need to verify ownership of one please

follow the next steps so then click on

verify domain ok so you will see this

option to download certificate just

download it now what you have to do is

just open this the file

and here you will see this three file

see a bundle certificate and private key

so now let's go back to our cPanel and

then go to SSL TLS and from here again

go to first let's upload the private key

and here you will see this option to

upload the key file so click on choose

file and then go to the download folder

and then from here this is the key file

private key upload it and then click on



okay let's approach the CRT file


okay from here you will see this option

install certificate click on it and

scroll down and then click on install so

if you get ok you have successfully

updated that's a sell website there's

the sell website is now active and then

click on ok so now let's try to access

our website

you know website if we can access it

over the HTTPS so as you can see here we

can access our website over this secure

connection you can see the certificate

here it has been issued by zero SSL and

from today 19 May 22 for 90 days so I

hope you found this tutorial helpful if

you have any questions doubts or if

there is any updated information I will

post it in the description and comments

so please make sure to check that if you

have any queries or question please post

in the comments I and I will help you
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